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Sunday, January 23, 2005

2:30 am

Hajimemashite!! Yoropiku~~

I havent even started any entries and an anonymous person already tagged me at my tagboard!! ROFL ~~ dare dare dare????

After being inspired by snuffles blog at Xanga, I decided to get my butt moving abt setting up my blog too. Been sitting on the idea for quite a few mths nw... since around July? Actually, I registered myself at blogger already. Just didnt bother to set up the blog properly and design the layout nicely etc. After...ahem...u new found boom into the T&T fanworld. To think abt it, its kinda weird hw extremely slooooow I got into T&T. Cos I haf a HUGE Takki fan as one of my closest frens and I myself have been into the J-world ever since I was 14 or 15? The good old days of Heaven Coins? I rem our classmates were all crazy over that dorama. Someone wld record it and bring it to school the next day and we would all eat and watch EVERY episode in the classroom during school breaks. Ok...I seemed to have just did a MAJOR sidetrack. LMAO~

Anyway, so, I just had to get a blog cos I DESPERATELY needed a place where I could pour out my emotions and feelings and kyah and ramble on & on abt T&T. So, this place was finally born!! I tell ya, I spent nearly a week figuring out html and watever nots and editting my layout to the one it is now. Actually changed my layout THREE times before I was rather satisfied with this one. I am such a dork at technicalities!! Sometimes, I wld just change one word at the html template and HALF of the entire layout wld disappear!! gyahhhh.... that is how i can spend up to ONE week just to do my layout. -____-''' How on earth does nere change her layout EVERY mth?!!! ROFL~


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