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Sunday, April 17, 2005

10:01 pm

15 @ 050417

(Editted 050419 @ 12:15AM)

Yoshitsune Episode 15 achieved a rating of 21.9%!!! Omedetou!!!!! It's an increase again!!! Yokatta!!!


Yoshitsune finally meets his brother, Yoritomo today! Ahhhh.... such a touching scene as I watch Takki's Best Actor's acting skills in awe. Tears welled up in his eyes!!! But urgh......this is the start of it all!!! Nooooo...... Dec 2005 is unimaginable!!!!

Yoritomo gives Yoshitsune the duty of watching over the Heike troops on the other side of Fujigawa River. The Genji clan's camp is marked by white cloth while the Heike clan's camp is marked by red cloth. Kisanta & Company complain about the triviality of the assignment but Yoshitsune calms them down and urges them to work hard. Their accomplishment impresses Yoritomo. One night, the Heike troops at Fujigawa River mistake the sound of the flock of waterfowl for an attack by the Genji and quickly retreat. (Oh sheesh.... scared by the sound of the flock of waterfowl? Eh?? Ok, but the sound of the flock was really quite loud because the flock was huge.) Capitalising on this mistake, Yoshitsune & company crosses the river and captures the troops. One of their horses knocks a dancer onto the ground, with her face almost splashing into a puddle of mud. Yoshitsune sees this and tells his followers to help her. The dancer was placed to rest in a tent. Yoshitsune & company goes to the tent to check on the dancer. She wakes up and finds that she cannot move because she has injured her foot. Then, Yoshitsune looks at the dancer and remembers that she is Shizuka who once saved him in Kyoto when he was being pursued by the Heike clan. The start of their love story!!!!

Back in Kamakura, Yoshitsune meets Masako for the first time and she is dazzled by his presence. (Who wouldn't be??!!!! ) In Kyoto, Kiyomori is furious with Koremori as he led the troop which retreated at Fujigawa River. (Such an embarrassing way to lose a battle!!! )


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