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Monday, October 31, 2005

2:36 pm

Yoshitsune Epi 43 (051030)

I have no idea why. But last night's episode of Yoshitsune made me well up with emotions for Yoshitsune/Takki. I feel that the amount of hard work and effort that he put in for this year-long taiga drama has really paid off. The amount of things he had to sacrifice ie, time with Tsubasa, sleeping time, rest, food etc. It's like I have really taken Yoshitsune as Takki himself. Is this normal????!? To feel so much for a historical character who has died eons ago??! I don't even know the guy!!! ~_~ Oh dear, see Takki, what have you done to me/us?? Your acting skills have just gone way off the meter range. Everytime you frown your eyebrows, cry or stare intently, we share your heartache as Yoshitsune. Everytime you laugh with your kerai, our hearts and spirits will soar as well. Oh dear.... Snuffles, do you feel that way too? Or am I the only one here?

If anyone has kind of noticed, I stopped writing short synopsises for Yoshitsune. *sheepish grin* Yes, I have become a lazy Takki fan. *runs away from Takki fans* But more than that, it's because the plot for Yoshitsune has made a turn for the last period of Yoshitsune's life. All the main battle scenes between the Heike and Genji have ended. Now, it's the plot of Yorisako (Yoritomo & Masako) vs Yoshitsune. How I hate Yorisako!! Snuffles and I never fail to sms each other and scream our heads off/stab at Yorisako, while our hearts break for Yoshitsune. Last night, Yoritomo hired an assassin to attack Yoshitsune and his kerai. Luckily, Benkei suspected something fishy beforehand and everyone was prepared for the surprise attack. In the end, no one was hurt and the assassin had his head chopped off.

But you could see how hurt Yoshitsune was when he found out that it was Yoritomo, HIS OWN BLOOD BROTHER who wanted him dead. Yoshitsune made a very difficult but firm decision at the end of the episode to ask Goshirakawa for permission to attack Yoritomo.

The look Yoshitsune had in his eyes was so full of hurt. My heart really broke. It's like I can feel his pain that his brother wants him killed, after all that Yoshitsune had done for him. I started tearing. This has become more frequent in recent episodes of Yoshitsune. Gyahhh..... How on earth am I going to be able to watch the last episode in December??!?! Every episode ever since the last battle Heike vs Genji scene has been so heart-wrenching/breaking. I'm really taking Yoshitsune for Takki. I'm can't believe I actually want to make a trip to Hiraizumi!!!!

I think I need therapy.

PS: I miss Takki! I miss T&T!!!


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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

10:02 am

I miss T&T!!!

Just wana shout this out today....


(Sorry for that random rant )


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Sunday, October 09, 2005

7:54 pm

Tsubacon @ Osaka

Thank you Yona for emailing me from Osaka

All the fans who went to watch Tsubacon at Osaka were really hoping that Takki would show up. Unfortunately, Takki didn't.

Tsubacon @ Osaka (051008)

Tsubasa talked about getting an email about his bday party schedule from Takki. So now everyone's thinking that Takki might turn up at Nagasaki instead because the Nagasaki concert is on Tsubasa's birthday. Apparently, Takki planned something quite big for Tsubasa's birthday party. Hmmmm... to make up for all the time that Takki couldn't spend with Tsubasa this year due to his insane Yoshitsune schedule kana? What if Takki planned part of Tsubasa's birthday celebration at Nagasaki concert?? Kyahh!!~~~ Fans going to Nagasaki will be soooo lucky If something like this happens, the footage better be included in Tsubacon's DVD Avex, onegaishimasu

Tsubacon @ Osaka (051009)

Takki didnt show up again, but during the MC talk, the fans made Tsubasa take his keitai out and send Takki a message saying "Takki daisuki Takki daisuki!!!!!" Kyahhh!!~~~~~ I wonder if the fans made Tsubasa send lots of heartmarks too??


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