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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

9:10 am

[The Myth] Premiere

Takki will attend the premiere movie screening of [The Myth] on 2nd March. [The Myth] is a movie starring Jackie Chan. The cast also includes Bollywood star, Mallika Sherawat and Korean actress, Kim Hee-Sun. The movie has already been shown in other parts of Asia late last year.

How come all of a sudden, it feels/seems like Takki is the spokesman for Jackie Chan in Japan


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Monday, February 27, 2006

12:39 pm

Zubari 2 Hr SP & Venus

(Editted @ 27/02/2006 7.30PM)

Venus has risen to #9 on 26/02/2006!!!!

Venus is back up to #10 on 25/02/2006!! Sugoi!!!

There will be a Zubari 2hr SP again! It will be aired on 28/03/2006!! And the guest will be... JACKIE CHAN!!!! I'm sure this is not a coincidence! Jackie will most probably be meeting Kitagawa for more confirmation talks about the movie? Will more concrete details be firmed up? Will we get more shocks coming our way? Details about the plot of the movie, Takki's role in the movie, the theme song??? Hmm, will Jackie Chan go see Takki (in his feminine role too!! ) in Enbujou?


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

9:10 am

Takki's Feminine Role @ Takizawa Enbujou

(Editted @ 26/02/2006 11PM)

Found Takki's feminine image photoshoots from Yahoo Auctions. The photo was published in the newspapers! Is that really HIDEAKI TAKIZAWA?!

Credits: Yahoo Auctions

Takki's role as a woman will be revealed to the public very soon! A photo of Takki dressed as a traditional Japanese dancer was revealed to the entertainment news today. Takki was said to be fair-skinned and had red lips. The make-up for Takki took 2 hours. It apparently turned him into a glamourous/bewitching woman Well, I looked up my dictionary and that was the meaning it came up with, "glamourous" or "bewitching".

Takki commented that he was able to feel the "taihen" of a woman. He wants everyone to go to the musical to see this woman image. Apparently, dressing up as a female in the musical was Takki's own idea. He wanted to challenge himself and also to challenge NINE costume changes during the musical. Sugoi!!!! 9 changes!!! But if the make-up for the female image takes 2 hours, how on earth is he going to manage to switch between the 9 costume changes during the musical Even if he changed during an interval, an interval will not take 2 hours!

Takki is being coached by a professional Japanese dancer for his female image. Besides dressing up as a traditional Japanese dancer, Takki will also dress in modern female wear. The poster of Takki dressed a traditional Japanese dancer will be put up at main Tokoyo Metro stations from 1st March 2006 onwards.

Urm, I'm really happy that Takki likes to challenge himself to greater heights. But I'm kinda worried and anxious as to how this female image will turn out to look like. Kinchou suru!!! The only image of Takki as a female is the photo of Takki dressed in a kimino in last year's calendar. Gyah! Will his feminine image this time be "prettier" or...not??? And I'm not sure how I'll feel after I see any photos of this image. I'm sure there will be photos released at Yahoo Auctions soon after Enbujou starts. Perhaps I'll be pretty calm when I see the photos. But if I really do go and watch Enbujou and see Takki dressed as a woman, walking about on stage and doing everything feminin-ish live with my own eyes, I'm not sure how I'll feel Shocked? Upset? Mixed emotions/reactions?

But I think on top of it all, I really am proud that Takki is ever so willing to accept new challenges. I know he will do a great job at it! Takki, Ganfammi!!!

Credits: Yomiuri + Sanspo + Sponichi


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Friday, February 24, 2006

10:21 pm

Tetsuko no Heya

Takki will appear on [Tetsuko no Heya] on 28/02/2006!

You might not be familiar with this program. But actually, this is Takki's 2nd time appearing on the show. The first time was back in 2002 when Tackey & Tsubasa first debuted. Then, Koichi co-hosted the program and there was a special episode dedicated to Tackey & Tsubasa's debut. It was the infamous episode where Shingo (SMAP) congratulated T&T on their "marriage". There, having said that, I'm sure everyone remembers this program now.



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9:54 am

Michi CM @ Kawai-Juku

Takitsuba's new single song [Michi] can already be heard at Kawaijuku's website! You can view the CM there by clicking on either of the 4 buttons under the TVCM header!! It's just a really short preview of Michi though. I think it sounds pretty similar to songs sung by V6. Sounds soothing, but not as slow as a ballad and very different from Venus. Tanoshimi ni!

Darn, why didn't Kawaijuku get T&T to appear in the CM as well? I'm sure students esp female students will be queuing up by the hordes to join their courses. (*^___^*)



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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

8:26 pm

Tackey & Tsubasa 2006 - 2007 Calendar

All the annual Johnnys calendars were featured in the entertainment news yesterday. There are 8 calendars to be sold this year: Koichi, Tsuyoshi, V6, Arashi, Takitsuba, News, Kanjani 8 and Johnnys Junior. They also showed pictures of each of the 8 calendars.

I believe this is the front cover of Takitsuba's calendar. What a lucky dalmatian!!!

I love it when both of them wear black and white matching outfits!

Matching yukatas!!!

Hmm... now Tsubasa is the one wearing pink and Takki's wearing blue?



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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

1:03 pm

Takitsuba 2006 - 2007 Calendar

The annual Johnnys calendar was mentioned in Nikkansports. Wow, Koichi has 100 photos in his calendar! Tsuyoshi's ancient fish is featured in his!! *LOL* Takitsuba's calendar has shots of them taken in Shibuya and Harajuku! O tanoshimi ni ne!~~~


Venus @ Number 4!! (20/02/2006) Till date, Venus has sold 253,683 copies!!! Sugoi!!!


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Monday, February 20, 2006

7:26 pm

After Effects of Venus @ MS & ASIAN TOUR

For 19/02/2006, Venus has shot up to... ... NUMBER 3

Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!!

Thank u to everyone who requested for Venus to appear on MS for the 3rd time! Thank u Tsubasa for "criticising" Takki on national tv live! Thank u Takki for "outdoing" Tsubasa for the Venus dance moves. Thank u Tamori-san for being so h-minded! Thank u Takki and Tsubasa for making this Venus performance the best ever!!!

Also, on the latest AIUEO which aired in Taiwan yesterday (19/02/2006), Takitsuba appeared near the end of the show and said that they will have an ASIAN TOUR this year. They will go to places that they have NEVER been to. Venus is sung in 3 other languages: Korean, Mandarin and Thai. Since Takitsuba have been to Taiwan and Thailand before, 2 places automatically come to my mind, and of course, because Takki had PROMISED last month in his visit to Hong Kong to return for a concert soon, so I'm thinking: Korea and Hong Kong.

(Credits of info to Jenn and Nikki)

I have not even planned my probable (or not?) trip for Enbujou!!!! Ok, sad, happy or I probably should start stressing myself out??? You know, maybe we should all write our trials and tribulations of being a Takitsuba fan and compile into a book.


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