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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

11:37 pm


[EDIITED @ 24th March 2006 11AM]

There are no changes to the schedule! Enbujou will resume tomorrow 25th march 2006 12PM show as planned! Yokatta!!! (^___^)

Credits: Shochiku Notice


[EDITTED @ 24th March 2006 7AM]

Takki updated his Takiren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read many comments that many cried/teared at the last line of his Takiren! What did Takki say in his last line????? Urgh!!!! Why can't we have access to Takiren?!?!

Also, the schedule of Enbujou will be decided and released to the public today 24th March 2006 at 11AM (JT) at the Shinbashi Theatre website. I will definitely keep refreshing the page during that time!!! The update of Enbujou schedule also made it into the news this morning. Yoimuri + Sanspo They commented that there were 800 faxes and 1000 phone enquiries about the new schedule of Enbujou.


[EDITTED @ 23rd March 2006 1.20PM]

Johnnys-Net has posted a pop-up message when you enter the site today about the fire at Enbujou. In the pop-up message, there is a short apology statement from Takki and another notification message from Shinbashi Theatre.

Takki said that he himself was taihen and shocked when the fire occurred. He and the staf apologise sincerely for the incident. Takki said that he wishes Enbujou will resume as soon as possible.

I really hope Takki is fine. Especially since he says that he hopes Enbujou will resume as soon as possible. So far, Johnnys-Net has not posted any changes to the Enbujou schedule yet. Takki!!!!!! *cries*


Fire at Enbujou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures + News Clip + Statement from Shinbashi Theatre

More news reports!!

Yomiuri + Mainichi + Jiji Press + Mainichi + Yoimuri + Sanspo

OK, NOW I'M WORRIED!!!!! Forget that I said that I think Takki is ok and that Enbujou will continue as scheduled. Just look at the number of fire engines and ambulances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIRTY-ONE fire engines and FOUR ambulances!!!!!!!

Apparently the fire was started by the gunpowder used in the fireworks. The gunpowder dropped onto some of the props in basement 2 through the gaps on the side of the moving stage (the stage can be ascended and descended). No one passed away but a number of staff suffered minor injuries. All the people in the audience were evacuated.

Enbujou is cancelled for 22nd March and 23rd March shows!!!! 24th March is originally a rest day. The schedule posted at the Shinbashi Theatre shows that Enbujou will resume on the 25th March. But I don't think that's confirmed yet. They probably just didn't amend the schedule.

So far, Takki has only issued an apology to the press. He has not appeared publicly or updated Takiren yet.

TAKKI!!! DAIJOUBU???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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