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Sunday, July 30, 2006

8:47 pm

Ho Summer Event

The Ho Summer event has been officially announced. It will be held at a sea house at Yuigahama, Kamakura on Tuesday, 8th August. Takki asked the female fans to turn up in their bikinis!!!!


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Saturday, July 29, 2006

9:32 am

New Olympus CM

Takki has a new Olympus CM!!! I havent seen it yet but will update with any new information once I hear about it!

PS: The dateline for T&T FC members to apply for Takki's recital tickets is today (Saturday 29th July). J-Net updated yesterday that the tickets are now open to Jr FC members too. The dateline for Jr FC members is Monday 31st July. But so far, J-Net has not updated on which juniors will be involved in the recital yet. I suspect it will be those who went on the Las Vegas trip, similar to Enbujou cast.


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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

11:40 pm

Ho! Summer @ Mezamashi

I absolutely the PV already!!!!!

Both of them were so cute in the PV!!!! And they really looked like they were enjoying themselves so much!! It's such a natural PV!!! All the moves look so cute too!!! And I absolutely love the part where both of them are wearing caps/hats and eating burgers!!! Takki was grinning away so happily to Tsubasa!!!

And this part where both of them start doing impromptu dance moves!!!!! Chou kawaii!!!! Never mind if there's no sexy moves!! They are really having such great fun and there's hadaka too! It really suits summer to a T

Takitsuba summer saikou!!!


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9:37 am

Solo Concert DVD Covers @ Avex

Both Takki's and Tsubasa's solo concert DVDs' covers are revealed at Avex!! Tsubasa's is of his concert logo design. Takki's has his concert logo design as well. But there's a picture of him during the concert as well.

Credits: Takitsuba @ Avex


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Monday, July 24, 2006

7:33 pm

More Media Rush

A whole media rush of Takitsuba coming up in August!!! Just found out the following schedule!


7th August - Hey! x3
8th August - Zubari Iu Wa Yo
10th August - Utaban
11th August - MS
13th August - Utawara
15th August - Suboruto (I'm not sure what show this is?)


5th August - FM Yokohama [Air Cruise]
7th August - [東貴博ニッポン全国ラジベガス]
7th August - Nack 5 [Nack On Town]
7th August - Bay FM [On 8]
10th August - To Base
12th August - Tokyo FM [Countdown Japan]

Gosh! 7th August is like Takitsuba Radio Day They will be on 3 different radio shows! And not forgetting that Hey!x3 will be aired on that day too, though it would have been recorded beforehand already. Personally, I'm really interested in Hey!x3, Zubari, Utaban and MS!!!

PS: Entire list of schedule is updated at the right side of my blog.


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Friday, July 21, 2006

10:39 pm

CD cover revealed, TV Schedule

1) As previously like Venus, Avex has released the cover pics of all 3 versions of the new single!!! To see how the covers look like, go to Takitsuba's official website here: Takitsuba @ Avex

2) All the TV schedules are coming up!!! Takitsuba will be on Music Fighter on 4th August Johnnys-net are accepting applications for TV audience for Utawara, Hey3 and ZUBARI!!!!!!!!!! Both Takki and Tsubasa are going to be on Zubari Omigosh!!! It's going to be an excellent episode!!!!! KYAHHHH!!!!

Credits: J-Net Bangumi


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10:16 am

Takki's Recital 2006 News

I found some pictures of news articles that reported on Takki's recital. Almost all the articles featured the same picture of Takki standing in front of a world globe and tower. Hmm.. I wonder where the pictures were taken

Credits: Yahoo Auctions


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Thursday, July 20, 2006

9:22 am

Schedule Updates

[EDITTED 21st July @ 9.30AM]
Takitsuba will be on Recommen on 3rd August!!!

1) Takitsuba will be guests on FM Fuji on 5th August for the radio show "Countdown Connections".

2) Tsubasa has an added show for his solo con at Tokyo International Forum A on 26th August at 1800.

3) Takki updated his Takiren! It seems like it was a ratehr lengthy update and he said that his throat is painful from the recital's rehearsals?


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Monday, July 17, 2006

10:34 am

Takki @ SC Premium

Takki will be the special guest for the talk portion for the next SC Premium. Takitsuba will be the guest for the show porttion. This episode will air on 20th August.


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Saturday, July 15, 2006

10:49 am

Takkicon 2005 DVD Song List

The song list is out!

◆2人の夜 (Futari no Yoru)
◆バランス (Balance)
◆陽のあたる場所 (Taiyo no Ataru Basho)
◆アンダルシアに憧れて (Andalucia ni Akogarete)
◆君の名を呼びたい (Kimi no Na wo Yobitai)
◆Day By Day
◆Here I Am
◆不良 (Nara)
◆Words of Love
◆だから (Dakedo) I think the website got it wrong? Takki didnt sing Dakara.
◆12月の花 (12Gatsu no Hana)
◆仮面 (Kamen)
◆One Day,One Dream
◆キセキ (Kiseki)
◆夢物語 (Yume no Monogatari)
◆願い (Negai)

Credits: Jbook

I went back and checked my entry I wrote about the concert. The songs that will be cut out are Hitomi wo Tojite and Love Spiral. The dvd is supposed to include MC talk. Will both MC talks be included? And I wonder which performance of Day by Day is included? Cos Takki picked out a different chibiko from the audience during every performance of Day by Day. Will chibiko-Shanou will picked or the little girl who said that she likes Takki (whom Takki hugged!!!)? Also, for Venus, will Takki-sensei teaching everyone the Venus dance be shown? How about Christmas Eve??? Technically, it should be included desho? It was kinda part of the second MC talk!!! Of course, how about Ero Ero Dance 2005??? It was the HG version! And how can I forget about the Yoshitsune Corner where Takki flew around, fought Benkei and suddenly appeared at the back stage!!!! I really hope Yoshitsune Corner will be included. There was no dvd released for Go! Con. So this is the only hope for Yoshitsune Corner to be included!!!

Gyah!! I seem to have so many questions!! I think I'm too greedy. I just want every single thing to be included into the dvd.

Btw, Tsubasa's solo con DVD song list is also out at the same website.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006

9:30 am

Takki's Solo Recital

Takki has a SOLO RECITAL

Event: Takizawa Hideaki Recital
Dates: 5th September to 28th September
Venue: Nissay Theatre

There will 37 performances in total. It is basically an autobiography of Takki's life for the past 24 years, including the difficult times he had gone through of being an idol In one of two compositions, Takki will recite his life history beginning from his childhood till the present. It is a Johnny Kitagawa production where he is in charge of the project, composition, and the entire integrated production.

I think the articles also mentioned that Takki had some form of training for this recital when he was in Las Vegas in June.

Credits: Nissay Theatre + Yomiuri + Sanspo + Johnnys Net


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