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Thursday, August 31, 2006

11:35 pm

Takkicon DVD Ranking

Omedetou Takki!! Takkicon DVD gets No. 1 at Oricon charts!

Credits: Oricon


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Friday, August 18, 2006

11:57 pm

Takki Sandals @ Zubari

Remember Takki's golden sandals in Zubari? When I first watched the clip, it looked soooo familiar. And then, I realized why

This is a screencap I took from the clip.

And compare it with this!!

Hora! It's the same pair of sandals!!!! It's actually a pair of Birkenstock sandals specially designed by the famous model, Heidi Klum. I checked the price of the sandals and it's about SGD$450!!!

"Birkenstocks classic Arizona sandal goes glitzy! Heidi re-designed the two strap sandal, accessorizing it with rivets, studs and glass stones. The footbed liner is covered with nappa leather and the outer sole features Heidi's logo. Narrow width. The two-strap sandal features two-tone metallic leather uppers, adorned with rivets and rhinestones. The traditional cork-latex footbed is covered in matching leather and comes with a silver plated Heidi Klum pendant."

Omigosh! Yappari, Takki wa hade ne...

Credits: Birkenstock @ UK


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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

12:56 pm

Recital News: [One!] - The History of Tackey

The news conference for [ONE] was held yesterday. Notes from the articles:

1) There will be 2 parts to the recital, with the focus on the 1st part being Takki's life history.

2) Takki said that the audience will be able to understand his life history from the recital. It will also include his parents' divorce.

3) Takki consulted his mother for information of his life history.

4) Takki will be shown as being borned on a hospital's bench and at the end, Takki will be shown as an old man passing away on a bench in a park. (Omigosh! Why do I feel that the audience will come out of this recital being all teary-eyed? Gyah!! It sounds so sad already!! )

5) Jackie Chan's images/message are scheduled to be used in the recital?!

Credits: Sanspo + Nikkansports


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Saturday, August 12, 2006

10:10 am

Ho! Samaa cds

So this is what they mean by a coaster and keyring!

Basically, there 3 different ways to use it.

The centre part which looks like a mini surf-board with "Tackey & Tsubasa" printed on it, can be detached to be a separate keyring.

The entire piece can be a hanging accessory by itself. However, be careful!! The mini surf-board might drop off without you realising it since it's chotto abunai yo..

The entire piece can also be used as a coaster for your drinks!

Maa... I won't even bear to use it in the first place!!!


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Friday, August 11, 2006

1:13 pm

Ho! Samaa Baseball Event

Takitsuba were having so much fun!!! At the baseball event, Tsubasa was pitching the ball to Takki to bat!! And what on earth is Takki is doing in the pic below?!?! And look at Tsubasa laughing so happily (and lovingly!!!) at Takki!!!

Both Takki and Tsubasa had their own Ho! Samaa jerseys which Takki wore over his t-shirt and Tsubasa wore over his singlet. Takki's jersey had the words "TACKEY 89" written behind. Takki was wearing jeans and Tsubasa was wearing camouflage pants.

Credits: Yahoo Auctions


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Thursday, August 10, 2006

11:31 am

Ho! Samaa Event

The Ho! Samaa event was held at a beachhouse in Kamakura. It was raining before the event started. But the rain stopped just before the event started I think. There were really fans who turned up in their bikinis!! Takitsuba taught everyone the furisake to Ho! Samaa. Fans were also given Ho! Samaa promotional uchiwas. Found the uchiwas at Yahoo Auctions.

Bascially, the uchiwas had all the 3 different single covers of Ho! Samaa and also the covers of both their solo concert dvds due to released soon.

While at Yahoo Auctions, I also found the Ho! Samaa promotional poster.

Also saw that people has started selling their tickets for [ONE]. The all last show on 28th September for row A is currently at 20,000yen. But the seller is hoping to reach a price of 50,000yen!!!!

Credits: Yahoo Auctions


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Friday, August 04, 2006

9:08 pm

Olympus CM for view

The official Olympus website has put up Takki's new CM for viewing! The storyline of the CM is also written there. Mata Takki clones yo! 3.1415...

Credits: New Olympus CM


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Thursday, August 03, 2006

9:41 pm

Utaban Next Week (10th August)

From today's preview of next week's episode of Utaban with Takitsuba, Takitsuba and Nakai (SMAP) are going to do the Domiso Samurai skit again Apparently, Takki will be Samurai Do, Tsubasa will be Samurai Mi and Nakai will be Samurai So.

Oh gosh, I still watch that skit that they did the last time and it does not fail to crack me up every single time that I watch it! I really can't wait to watch next week's Utaban!!! O tanoshimi ne!!!


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

9:30 am

SC Premium News, Ho Samaa~~

Totally didn't expect the recording of SC Premium to hit the news. So, Takki recorded the SC Premium episode yesterday. Takki mentioned about not liking Tsubasa in the past when they were still juniors. Then, both Taichi (TOKIO) and Takki sang "Love You Only" (TOKIO). Wow! That's really rare! Can't wait to watch this SC Premium episode!

Credits: Sponichi + Sanspo + Chunichi

The PV is coooo cute! Even my sis couldn't resist it! She happened to walk by the comp when I was watching it (the nth time) and she kept laughing and grinning away! After that, she said,

"I can tell that they have a very close relationship. They are so natural and happy around each other. They enjoy each other's company so much. They look like really close true friends. It is very rare to have such a relationship for working partners and in the entertainment industry."

Souyo!!! Souyo!!!

I was so excited and feeling so moe after watching the PV last night that I took some time to get to sleep. Still feeling moeeeeee!!!!

Also, the Yakult Swallows have updated their fan service site with detailed furisake descriptions and pictures of the mascot dancing to every move of Ho! Summer! The lyrics are also posted up there! Click on the link that lets you download the pdf file and we can all start learning the furisake!!!

Credits: Ho! Samaa @ Yakult-Swallows

Ho! Samaa ~~~~~~~~~~~~


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1:49 am

Ho! Summer PV

Takki Butt Shake!

T&T rabu!

Ho! Ho! Summer!



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