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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

12:38 pm

「タキツバCLIPS」 & Takki as Romeo

Long time no update! Been really tied up with work. Rare that manager-san is not around today so I can do a little update! ^_^

Firstly, Takki will be in a mini-drama! The on-air date is unknown yet. But Takki will be acting as Romeo in a modern adaption of Romeo & Juliet! Takki is supposedly the son of a crook and Juliet (played by Nagasawa Masami, the girl who acted in the movie version of Sekaichu) is the daughter of a detective. Is anyone going jealous over Masami-san yet? LOL! But oh dear, I think I'll definitely bawl insanely when I watch this as the love story of Romeo & Juliet is so saddening!!!! T________T

And then, Takitsuba are releasing a dvd! Though I would love it to be the Xmas con dvd, but oh well, something is better than nothing right? ^_^

「タキツバCLIPS」DVD @ 5,980yen
Release date: 7th March 2007
Contains: PVs of Takitsuba's singles, including secret offshots and a photo booklet



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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

12:05 pm

Blog Update

Been getting spam at my BBS so I decided to remove it. Well, not many people post there anyway. Sorry to those who usually post there!

But in addition, I added a sound player. Click on the play button and hear what it is! ^_^

Feeling lovesick all over again......... *bawls an ocean*


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