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Monday, January 24, 2005

3:20 am

Yoshitsune Episode 3

Ok, a quick update on today's airing of Yoshitsune Episode 3. I am not gona do a synopsis cos I think there are enuff synopsis out there already. Besides, both nere and snuffles have excellent synopsis every week. So, i shall save the trouble and just write wat I think. heeh....

So, today's episode bascially showed Ushikawa finding out the truth abt his family backgrd and him coming to terms with it. Gawd....he really had a difficult time trying to understand and acceopt the truth. Quite saddening actually. Also, Ushikawa was sent to the monastery and got separated from his mother. This was REALLY REALLY heartbreaking!!! I was tearing already! Can you imagine when the last episode of Yoshitsune airs??!!! When Yoshitsune dies???!!! gyyahhhhh....noooo..........they betta NOT show that scene!!! Ok, this part was really saddening cos Tokiwa gave Ushikawa a flute when he was sent to the monastery as a parting gift and a momento to remember her by. That night was the first night which Ushikawa spent away from his mother and to make things more depressing, it was a rainy and stormy night. Ushikawa really missed his mother so.... Ok, the episode went on to show that Ushikawa tried to escape from the monastery quite a few times but alwiz got caught in the end. Today's episode also showed that Ushikawa was given another name Shanao at the monastery. Shanao met Utsubo at a broken hut during one of his attempted escapes. (Bleah.....Sorry to Goto Maki fans, but I hate to think that the little gal is to grow up to be Goto Maki -____-''') The last part of the episode showed 2 men going to the monastery to explain Shanao's family backgrd to him and tells him that he is actually from the Genji clan and that Kiyomori is actually his enemy. Shanao could not accept the fact, runs out of the monastery and runs to a "taki". Shanao jumped in and .......................................................................................

APPEARS AS TAKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, snuffles...u shld have really really bet real money!!!!!!!!!!!!! it ABSOLUTELY right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shanao jumped into a "taki" and EMERGED from it as HADAKA TAKKI!!!!

First, they showed Takki's backview emerging from the water. I was clamping my hands over my mouth to prevent myself from screaming and my enitre family from whacking me on my head from being too noisy. LOL~~ When Takki turned ard to face the cam, I just *died died died died* !!!! Had to cont using one hand to clamp my mouth PLUS another hand to hold myself down to the chair so that I would not jump up and down!!! Kyahhhh!!!! Takki appeared!!!! ok, thou it was only for like the LAST 3 secs of the show, it was worth the wait!! The episode ended with Takki emerging and walking out from the taki. The cam zoomed into his face with water dripping and..... omg omg omg... Takki's face is just so KIREIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Words alone do not do justice to wat I wana express!!! Gyahh.... ok, I shall aspire to figure out how to post pictures on this blog!!!! Yosh!!!

Next week!!! Definitely Takki himself as Yoshitsune!!!!! The trailer showed Takki!!!! and Benkei appears too!! if I m not wrong, the bridge scene is next week too!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kirei Takki with the scarf over his head and him playing a flute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh........ mitaiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

PS: Who's up for a major heart attack at next week's Yoshitsune airing?? LMAO~~


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