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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

3:59 pm

T&T news

(Editted 050420 @ 10PM)

Really sorry that I flooded my own post with hellva screencaps!!! Gomenasai~~~ I just... couldn't help it!!!! Gyahhh!! Sheesh!!! Get a grip gal!!! *whacks myself*

Saw updates @ the official HP. (Surprisingly, the HP is updated quite fast now. *LMAO*)

1) 4/24 フジテレビ「ONE PIECE」(リリース告知が出ます!)

2) 4/28 TVK他「CHANNEL@」(MUSIC CLIP収録の裏側が見れるよ~)For more info about this Channel @ clip, please go to this link:

1) Tsubasa's new Tongari Corn CM (tuna flavour) will start airing on 20th April. It will feature Tsubasa's new solo song <見果てぬ夢> which means "Neverending Dream" I think.

2) Kamen PV is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go scream because the BEST was left out of the previews!!!!!!!! Stripping masks!!!!!!!

We see more of Takki's face as both of them reach across for each other's mask.

Then, the camera switches to Tsubasa's view.

The above looks like one of the moves for One Day One Dream where their fingers do this running move.

TAKKIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Is that paint edible?? Can I lick it off his face???)

Doki doki!!! *heartbeat racing*

The start of the grab!!!


*totally speechless + flatline*

Look @ Tsubasa's expression!!!! *MAJOR HEARTMARK*

Takki's primal look!! *dies a zillionth time*

The above looks like one of the moves for Ai Sekai/Get Down. It was so difficult to caps this!!! *kicks stupid black rotating columns*

Takki's expression!! *beep beep beep flatline* (PS: I actually do like his new ring! I realised that this ring was flashed around very obviously in the PV *LOL*)

*loracyn claws away at computer screen*

*screams endlessly*

*dies @ Takki's intense stare*

The bloodly red paint!!!

That eyebrow frown + intense look!!

I am still in the midst of taking screencaps. Took more than 50 caps so far!!!! Oh geez.... I have to cut down on them!!! Will update with more caps later!!! xDDDD

(Editted on 050420 @ 12:30AM)

Ok, I tried my very best to cut down on the number of caps taken!!!!'s useless yo!!!! I still ended up with so many caps!!! No control at all!!! And many of them were really difficult to caps because the scenes change really fast, especially the dance parts!!! There were this black rotating strips blocking them all the time!! I tried to cap as many dance parts as I could. I had to practically cap the PV sec by sec!!!! But look!!!!! It's all worth it!! Takitsuba stripping off each other's masks!!!! Look at their expressions too!!! This PV is really the best ever!!!!

3) Takki updated his Takiren last night!!! (Nere has the translation up @ her blog!)


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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