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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

10:22 pm

Countdown......Ramblings Included

Counting down to Takkicon every single day. Hayaiku..... I wouldn't be lying if that's the MAIN/ONLY reason for me to wake up early in the morning and turn up for work. Shows how much work is a priority for me.

Plus, work is such a b***h nowadays. It just doesn't help things at all. Why on earth do some people have the time to stand and stare and chit chat and take tea breaks while others are extremely busy with piles of work that their tables are always covered with paperwork? I have lost count of how often Snuffles and I complain/whine to each other about our work. Gyah... This is so terrible. Ain't this unhealthy psychologically? Maybe that's why we need Takki-therapy everyday to keep us SANE.

I can't believe that I didn't want to take sick leave from work today even though I had a 38.5 degree fever starting from yesterday afternoon. I took fever medicine and slept all the way till morning. I knew that if I took sick leave, the pile of work would be insane when I got back. Gyah... what kind of crap life am I living???!! Quick, get me out of this!!!!

*back to fangirl mode*

Tsubasa, omedetou gozaimasu on having an added show!!! Though..I'm afraid I might not have enough funds to go for all 3 shows. Gomenasai!! I have to set aside more funds for your aikata ne! Takkicon @ Yokohama Arena is sold out I heard. So scalper tickets are going to shoot out of the roof of the arena especially it's X'mas Day! Snuffles, do you think the Dafuya-san will be there again? Will he recognise us? Let's try to get a X'mas discount!

I've also editted my songlist. I thought it would be nice to get into the Takki solo con mode. So this time, the list consists of Takki solos previously unreleased. These are mp3s converted from clips. I've forgotten whom I've gotten them from already. But credits to those who converted them! Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!

PS: I heard Takki gave us a scare on purpose about his hair again! Apparently, it's not that bad? *phew* But Jenn is right, Takki looks good in almost any hairstyle. He can carry it off ne! And we should be thankful that at least Takki gave us a warning before he did anything to his hair!


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