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Sunday, September 11, 2005

11:02 pm

36 @ 050911


At Dannoura, Yoshitsune and his troops finally destroy the Heike family. With Otoku, who has come to Dannoura from Kyoto, Yoshitsune recalls the memories of Kiyomori and looks back at the rise and fall of the Heike clan as well as his younger days as Ushiwaka and Shanaou. (Episode 36 does a recap of the entire taiga from Episode 1 to Episode 35.) Realizing again that he himself is the very person who ruined the Heike family, Yoshitsune expresses his mixed feelings towards Kiyomori to Otoku. (I thought I spied Yoshitsune with tears in his eyes here.)

At night, Yoshitsune has a meeting about the Dannoura battle with his kerai, Kagetoki and Kagesue. Then, Tasanobu enters the room and reports that there are Heike survivors. He lists the names out. They include Tokuko, Tokitada, Emperor Antoku, Munemori, Kiyomune, Muneko, Akirakeiko and Yoshiko. All the kerai are glad to hear that Yoshiko is alive. Kagetoki asked Yoshitsune if he will go to see Yoshiko. However, as a commander of the Genji troops, Yoshitsune goes to see Munemori and Kiyomune first. There, Munemori asks about Tokiko and Yoshitsune breaks the news to him that Tokiko has passed away. Munemori cries.

Later, Yoshitsune meets Tokuko, Muneko and Akirakeiko. Yoshitsune asks about the whereabouts of Emperor Antoku and the sword which is one of the three sacred imperial treasures. Tokuko replies that both have gone under the sea with Tokiko.

The next morning, Yoshitsune finally meets Yoshiko at a beach. He offers living together in Kyoto, but Yoshiko says that she has already decided to throw her lot in with the Heike family. So she cannot be in close contact with anyone from the Genji, especially Yoshitsune who is a commander of the Genji troops. Yoshitsune asks who it was whom she covered with a white cloth during the Dannoura battle. Yoshiko replies that it was Shinno-sama. Before leaving, Yoshiko thanks Yoshitsune and says that she is happy to have him as a brother.


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