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Monday, August 29, 2005

8:00 pm

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There were reports about the major episode #35 next week. So I thought I might as well add it in this entry. Next week's Dannoura battle between the Heike and the Genji is the decisive battle which kind of defined the Genji's victory against the Heike. The scenes were shot within 4 days at the Miura peninsula in the end of June. The scene of Yoshitsune-sama leaping from the Henji ship to the heike ship is apparently about 6.6 metres away!!!! (Thanks to Snuffles for correcting me!!) Takki said that when he went home to shower, there was gold dust everywhere. He said it was taihen. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi Oh my, I'm imagining hadaka Takki-sama covered with gold dust. WOAH!!! comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi But he commented that the scene of the gold dust flying around was beautiful and fantastic. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi


The use of the gold dust in episode #35 was to protray a graceful feeling as opposed to the fighting in the Warring States Period. Thus, the scene where Yoshitsune-sama and Tomomori exchange blows is shown with Yoshitsune being covered with gold dust. Takki said that the gold dust catches one's eye while looking at the scene. In this article, it repeats what Takki said when he was taking a shower at night after shooting for the scene. The article also mentioned that Noriko Nakagoshi was very impressed with the scene and she cried, her tears did not stop.

Oh no.......I hope I won't be like her. comes with ByteThumb  V 1.4 © Byteandi



Having Benkei back from Kumano, Yoshitsune and his troops slowly advance on the sea to Nagato, where the Heike family has fled to. On the way, Yoshitsune succeeds in winning more local navies to the Genji’s side.

Utsubo goes to visit Shizuka. Moe happens to see them. For the first time, the 3 women sit down and have a talk. Otoku visits Yoshitsune with updates of news on Shizuka and Utsubo.

In Nagato, Tomomori and the rest of the Heike family are on alert but are confident since sea battles are their forte. However, Tokiko feels anxiety and works out a trick to protect Emperor Antoku, the very young emperor. Tomomori and Tokiko and all the Heike women have a discussion on the best course of action in the event that all is lost.

Hearing that it was Yoshiko who was on the boat holding the pole with the fan at Yashima, Yoshitsune worries about her safety. (There is a short recap of Yoichi shooting the arrow here. *lol*) As a battle between the Heike and Genji is approaching, Yoshitsune writes a letter to Yoshiko to let her know the way to protect herself from being attacked by the Genji’s army in the battle. Kisanta was sent to deliver the letter personally to Yoshiko in the wee hours of the morning. Yoshitsune told Yoshiko to identify herself by covering her head with a piece of white cloth. Upon reading the letter, Yoshiko is very touched that her brother cares for her.

Yoshiko happens to walk past a room and sees a large piece of white cloth flapping in the wind. Thus, she is reminded of Yoshitsune's letter to her and the way to protect herself during the inpending battle. The Heike women were actually inside the room discussing a trick to protect the young Emperor Antoku. By the time Yoshiko realises that she had overheard theeir secret plan, it was too late. One of the Heike women came out and found her eavesdropping. Thus, Yoshiko was dragged and locked into a room, for fear of her leaking the secret out.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army sail onward to Nagato.


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