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Friday, August 05, 2005

5:28 pm

Takki on SC + Film Festa

Takki is going to appear on SC!!! SC is coming back! Yata! I was getting worried about SC because of the Uchi incident. SC is nice to watch because the segments like Mr. X are really quite funny. ^_^ Takki will appear in a VTR on SC 21st August! I'm really excited because at least I can say that I saw Takki on one of the channels on my TV set!! Except that its a cable channel. *LOL* Yeah, I know I'm baka. Even little things like that can get me moe. *^_^* Sumimasen ne~~

Credits: Nere

I just received a very nice surprise in my email. Festa Bee ^_^V sent me a short report on what was shown for Film Festa 2005. The topic for this year's Film Festa is "Things Not To Do in a Theatre".

Nino (Arashi) showed that one should not do a video recording in the theatre. Then, he held up a camcorder and said, "Don't do it like this."

Aiba (Arashi) showed that one should not do a voice recording. He held a voice recorder and said "Don't do it like this".

Koyama (NEWS) said, "Don't cook barbecue in the theater." *ROFLMAO*

Tsubasa said, "Don't use the kettai in the theatre." Instead of holding a normal kettai, he held a handmade phone made of 2 paper cylinders and a string attached in between the 2 cylinders. Bee, thank you so much for even drawing a picture and sending it to me!!!! ^_- chuuu~~~ I think almost everyone has made this telephone before when they were young. You put your mouth and talk into the cylinder and your voice will be passed along the string to the cylinder on the other end and your partner holding the cylinder to his/her ear can actually hear what you just said.

Anyway, so Takki and Tsubasa used this phone to talk. Awww.... I can just visualise it already! They will look like two small boys sitting there playing with this paper cylinder phone!!! Kawaii!~~~ Why can't we get to watch Film Festa?!!!!! *cries*

Then Tsubasa said that Takki was kawaii. Aww..... *LOL* Then Takki called Tsubasa loudly, such that everyone could hear him although the others did not have the paper cylinder telephone. *thud thud*

Takki wore the pink Film Festa t-shirt and Tsubasa wore the t-shirt which had the words, "I love donut". These are the same pictures which I posted the links for previously, from Yahoo! Auctions.

Then, the story of this year's Film Festa was shown. The bee mascot "caught" NEWS and asked for a name. *LOL* The bee said that it was also the mascot last year but it did not have a proper name. So, it asked NEWS to give it a name. The members of NEWS voted for the bee's name. (Sidenote: Anyone knows if Uchi appeared for Film Festa?) So the result was that the bee was named as "Festa Bee". *LMAO*

The part of T&T was that T&T talked to each other. Tsubasa told Takki that he went to the beach with Aiba and someone else. (Tsubasa, we heard this story already!! He does have a tendency to repeat things doesn't he? *lol* And who is the 3rd person who went along??? Very curious yo.... hmmm....) The 3 boys bought fireworks to play at the beach. They met three girls at the beach. The girls asked if they could have some fireworks but Tsubasa declined. *LOL* Tsubasa said that he didn't give them because he had a hard time trying to buy the fireworks in the first place.

Takki told "Festa Bee" that for last year's Film Festa, he and Aiba went wake-boarding at the beach. However, he doesn't have the time to do that this year. Takki said that when he thinks of summer, he will think of water sports. But he doesn't have time to go and play. (Awww...... Takki really needs a break!!!)

Then, Takki asked Tsubasa what he does when he's at home. Tsubasa told Takki that he likes to cook. (Yappari... Tsubasa and food. ^^;;;) Tsubasa said that sometimes, he will eat alone. He told Takki that he went surf boarding with Yamaguji (Tokio) last year.

Both T&T talked about their upcoming solo concerts. Tsubasa said that he wants to make the stage and the style of Tsubacon different from their unit concerts. Takki said that his solo concert will start at the END OF NOVEMBER!!! And then both T&T said that next year, they will come together for their unit con again in SPRING.

Credits: Festa Bee (555....)


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