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Thursday, July 21, 2005

1:51 am

T&T Unit Con @ Shimane

The name of T&T's Unit Con @ Shimane on 22nd of October is out!!!


Details here (click it!):

PS: Takki, pls take care of yourself in Mongolia + China!!! *sniff sniff* Sabishi ne~~~ We're all missing you already!!!

PSS: I hate it that I can't make it to Shimane. URGH!!!!

(Editted @ 050721 3.30PM)

The concert is being held at Shimane to commemorate the inauguration anniversary of Izumo. It is also the Sanin-Chuo TV's 35th Anniversary. This time, the unit con is Yoshitsune theme. OMG. YOSHITSUNE THEME????? I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! I wana go! T&T acting out the scene of Tsuba as Yoichi shooting the arrow kana? Unless Takki is doing a solo Yoshitsune scene like in GO! Con? Hmm... Battle scenes kana? But he will need a horse to act out a battle scene right? Takki riding on Slyph in Izumo Dome kana???!? Mitai~~~~~~ (That would be hellva idea. *LOL*) There is a connection between Izumo City and Benkei. Not sure what it yet. I can't view Japanese characters in office. So, Benkei as special guest for Izumo Dome kana? Do the real bridge scene this time!!!! *LOL* Though chibi Benkei did quite a good job for GO! Con, I think it would be great if Takki and Benkei renact the bridge scene in real life desho? *drools over kakkoii Shanaou-sama* There was an interview with the Shimane local news show. T&T says that it's their LAST con of the YEAR (Snuffles..... it's YEAR. Repeat after me, Y. E. A. R. *lol*). Ok, I was harbouring hopes for a T&T con in the midst of Takki solo con dates. I mean, there was this hope since Tsuba has a T&T con in the midst of his solo con dates. Ever since I found out that it's their last unit con of the year, that hope went *poof*.

The concert tickets were open to the junior FC members, now ticket sales will be sold to the GENERAL PUBLIC starting on 28th July at 9pm. Ticket price is 6,300 yen. (Snuffles!! It's NOT impossible yo! It's even open to public sales now! How rare is that??? Am i trying to psycho you to go or what? *LMAO*)

PS: Please visit 2nd Face for more info. Credits: 2nd Face

PSS: 20,000 people?!


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