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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

7:21 am

Takki's TBS SP

A very quick post early in the morning!!

Remember Takki is going to star in a new TBS 50th Anniversary SP 『里見八犬伝』 SATOMI HAKKENDEN? The news made it to the entertainment news today! Other actors/actresses co-starring in the show include 仲間由紀恵 (Nakama Yukie, the actress who plays the teacher in Gokusen. Btw, she's the taiga lead for 2006. Omedetou ne!!! *throws confetti in the air* ) and 菅野美穂. Takki is going to star as 犬塚信乃(しの)INUZUKA SHINO!!!!

+ Yomiuri + Sanspo + Chunichi +

Yoshitsune is due to end airing on 11th December 2005. The filming for Satomi Hakkenden will take approximately 5 months and some parts of the filming will take place in Inner Mongolia China!!! (Eh? China? Hmmm.... This reminds me of the time when Takki went to the Shaolin Temple for Golden Muscle. *lol* ) But how on earth is Takki going to manage shooting for BOTH Yoshitsune AND Satomi Hakkenden?????!?! Yes, I know Takki is a wonder boy. He really is. But...but... he needs a REST!!!! *cries* He really does!!! he still has his solo concerts coming up!!! OMG!! How on earth is he going to do everything???

Johnny Kitagawa!!! Do you hear me hollering?????

Unless there are Takki-clones around ala Amo CM, I reiterate my stand. Takki ain't human. Muri....Muri... *shakes head violently*

And I think the production budget for this special is HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of JAPANESE YEN!??!?!! OMG!!! *gasp* This is just a special right? It's only going to air on 2 days and a total of 5 hours desho? The budget is humongous!!!! It's not even a taiga like Yoshitsune!!! And CG technology is going to be used in this drama too!!! WOAH! This TBS Special is really going to be something ne! I can't wait for it already!!!! O-tanoshimi ni!!! The SP is due to air in January 2006. Ok, minna, mark your calendar down for another historic landmark in Takki's career!!! Such a humongous budget for a drama warrants us fans to feel extremely proud of him ne!!!! Ok, I am already extremely proud of him. But this just makes me feel even more so!!! ^_^ Takki's character, Shino is a young, beautiful samurai bishounen who was actually raised by his mother as a girl. *LMAO* The scriptwriter said that the only person who came to mind to act this character was Takki!!!! See see!!! Takki is just so amazingly charismatic that he dazzles everyone and the FIRST person who always comes to people's/scripterwriter's/director's minds is always him!!! This exact same thing happened for the casting of Yoshitsune too!!! fufufufu~~~~ Ain't we proud of Takki being able to have such an effect on people ne? ^_^ Seriously, many non-Takki fans I know are very impressed by his acting in Yoshitsune. So I really think Yoshitsune is truly a major highlight of his career. I'm really very very happy that Takki got the lead in a taiga. ^_^ Now that Takki's starring in this TBS Special, I'm even more happy for him!!! Honto ni yokatta ne!!!! ^_^V

PS: Darn...why ain't there TBS available on cable?! X____X'''

Background info on Satomi Hakkenden:

The book was written by TAKIZAWA Bakin (1767-1848). Aint't that such a BIG coincidence that the author's surname is EXACTLY the SAME?? It's fate I tell ya, it's FATE!!! *LOL* It took him almost 30 years to finish writing Hakkenden. He started writing when he was 47 years old. Near the end, when he was in his seventies, he had to use an amanuensis to complete the work. The amazing fact about this is that he wrote the last third of Hakkenden while he was totally blind!!! He had to count the characters off, kanji and kana, one by one, for the printer. *gasp* Satomi Hakkenden is a complex story spanning 181 chapters and is considered one of the greatest literary works to emerge from the Edo/Tokugawa Era. Bakin was heavily influenced by classical Chinese romances (ie. Romance of the Three Kingdoms) and thus, Hakkenden is a unique fusion of the classical Chinese romance, a Confucian text, and the Tokugawa Shogun culture. It is the longest work of Japanese fiction and possibly the longest written romance ever.

In an area of Japan called Awa, there are two families that control the area, the Satomi Clan and the Anzai Clan. The Satomi fall upon hard times and ask the Anzai for help. Rather than sending aid, Lord Anzai sends troops to destroy the Satomi, who, overwhelmed by hunger and the Anzai forces, barricade themselves within their castle. Finally, after numerous failed attempts to assassinate Lord Anzai, the Satomi realize that they have no other choice than to surrender. In joking desperation, the head of the Satomi clan (Satomi Yoshizane) promises to give the house dog (Yatsufusa) his daughter's (Fusehime) hand in marriage if Yatsufusa brings Lord Anzai's head. Amazingly, the dog goes off and returns with Lord Anzai's head, allowing the Satomi to finally overwhelm the Anzai forces. However, Yoshizane refuses to uphold his promise, but Fusehime, a stickler for promises, insists on upholding it and leaves with Yatsufusa for the mountains.

A year or so passes, and Fusehime finds out in a vision that she is with child (a litter of 8) and that the Satomi clan has a curse upon it. About this time, a former retainer of the Satomi clan comes into the mountains to save Fusehime. Tragically, in his attempt to shoot and kill Yatsufusa, he instead shoots Fusehime, who, realizing that she is dying and fearing what she may give birth to, kills herself (Thus, in an "honorable act," she has avoided her fate and paved the way to lift the Satomi curse). As she dies, the 8 beads on a rosary that she wears begin to glow and then fly off into the night. Within a few years, 8 sons are born to fathers whose last names begin with the kanji for dog, "Inu". Each of these sons is born holding one of the 8 beads from Fusehime's rosary. Within each of those beads is written a kanji that represents a Confucian ideal. These boys grow up as the embodiment of that particular ideal. These "Eight Dog Warriors" are to lift the curse from the Satomi family.

Inuzuka Shino (meaning "Filial Piety")
As a boy, his parents dressed him up as a girl to save him from the wrath of the gods. But when he comes of age, his disguise is removed and he is entrusted with the legendary Murasame sword by his father Bansaku. After witnessing the death of his father, Shino, devastated, decides to journey to Koga and present the Murasame to Lord Ashikaga. Thus the journey begins... He will marry Hamaji.

Inukawa Sosuke (meaning "Justice/Honor/Duty")
After the death of his father, Sosuke and his mother were forced to leave their home. They journeyed through the bitter cold to Awa. On their journey his mother dies, but Sosuke is "saved" by Hikiroku of Otsuka village. In return for saving his life, Hikiroku makes Sosuke his man-servant for life and changes his name to Gakuzo.

When Shino begins his journey to Koga, Sosuke is ordered by Kamezasa, Shino's aunt, to kill him and bring back the Murasame. In return, he would be able to leave the house of Otsuka and restore his family name. In their confrontation, Sosuke and Shino learn that fate has brought them together and they both make a pledge of brotherhood.

Inuyama Dosetsu (meaning "Loyalty")
As a boy, he was poisoned by his father's mistress. He survived, but the mistress was forced out of the house along with Dosetsu's half-sister Hamiji. When he grew older, he searched everywehere for his sister but to no avail.

One day while hiding from his pursuers, Dosetsu became reunited with his sister, but their reunion was to be ill-fated. Dosetsu tried to save Hamiji from the evil Aboshi but instead of saving her, he accidently kills her. Before Hamiji dies, she makes Dosetsu promise to return the Murasame, which was stolen by Aboshi, to Shino. Dosetsu promises her, but all that is on his mind is revenge.will have possession of the real "Murasame," which he took from Aboshi.

Inukai Genpachi (meaning "Faith")
Once a guard for Horyu Tower, Genpachi now spends his days in the castle dungeon. After Shino arrives and presents Lord Ashikaga with a fake Murasame, he is immediately ordered to death. Shino surprised that the real Murasame isn't in it's sheath, remembers his confrontation with Aboshi and tries to explain, but to no avail. With Lord Ashikaga's men already surrounding him, Shino makes a desperate getaway. He is able to make it out of the castle and unto the rooftop.

Lord Ashikaga unsatisfied with his men's attempt to capture Shino, reluctantly orders the release of Genpachi. What ensues next is a climatic battle between the two on Horyu Tower, which they destroy.

Inuda Kobungo (meaning "Brotherly Affection")
Since he was a boy, Kobungo has been blessed with enormous strength. In his youth, he used to fight and get drunk alot, until one tragic event. The death of his father. During one of Kobungo's fights his father gets in the way of his blade and is killed. Ever since that day Kobungo has pledged never to use violence.

Now he works as an innkeeper/fisherman and during one of his fishing trips, he finds Shino and Genpachi entangled in his nets..

Inuzaka Keno (meaning "Wisdom")
When Keno was just a boy, his father was murdered for his possession of two mystical flutes.
In his quest to avenge his father, Keno travels the countryside in the guise of a dancing girl. During one of his travels, Keno runs into Kobungo, whom he notices is carrying one of sacred flutes. When a town skirmish occurs, Keno steals the mystic flute and leaves.

During the skirmish Kobungo saves the town leaders son and is brought to his house and invited to stay for the concert, being performed by Keno, that evening. At the concert in Taigyuro Hall, Keno begins to play the magical flute thus reuniting the two flutes. Their harmony creates a destructive sound, which almost immediately begins to shatter the hall. In the midst of all this comotion, Keno announces himself to the lord and declares vengeance for his father. A heated battle ensues. In the end only three survive - Keno, Kobungo, and the lord's son.

Inumura Daikaku (meaning "Courtesy/Appreciation")
Daikaku has been living as a recluse ever since he was disowned by his father, who has been taken over by evil spirits. His wife Hinaginu has also been accused of cheating on him because she mysteriously became pregnant. In the midst of all this despair comes Genpachi, who helps to rekindle the fire within Daikaku.

Throughout the town it has been rumoured that an evil spirit has possessed Daikaku's father. Genpachi and Daikaku uncover the truth as they battle the Ghost Cat.

Inue Shinbei (meaning "Benevolence/Compassion/Humanity")
He is the nephew of Kobungo. Shinbei is the youngest of the litter, but far stronger and better skilled with the sword then the others. His main weakness is his age. He rushes into things too much without really thinking it through. These actions start to get on the nerves of all his brothers.


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