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Monday, July 04, 2005

12:30 am

26 @ 050704

Such an exciting episode!!! And the next few episodes too!!!! Waah!!!! I love Yoshitsune!!!! Ratings gambatte!!!! ^_^V

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Yoshinaka's head is displayed in public, hung on top from a door. (I'm not sure but I think it is hung at the door of his residence?) The public cry at the sight because of the cruelty. Someone picked up a stone and wanted to throw it at Yoshinaka's head but Yoshitsune stopped him. Yoshitsune cannot restrain himself from opposing the cruel treatment. But he knows he cannot oppose to it publicly. Then, Yoshitsune sees Tomoe. She is in despair. She is now dressed in plain clothes and looks haggard and dishevelled. Upon seeing Yoshinaka's head, she reached for her dagger and wanted to pull it out to kill herself. But Yoshitsune stopped her and urges her to live on.

Yoshitsune goes to Kurama Temple to pray. The abbot who looked after him when he used to stay there came and both of them talked. (The abbot has white hair now!! They made him look old!!! But how come Yoshitsune STILL looks the same whether he was Shanaou-sama or Yoshitsune-sama? I wonder if they will "try" to make him look older when he gets married and have children? I mean, they don't have to make Yoshitsune have white hair to have the aged look. I'm sure there are other cosmetic methods to achieve an older look. Yoshitsune really looks the SAME as when he was younger as Shanaou!!!!! How can that be right? *LMAO*)

In the meantime, the Heike army at Ichinotani makes preparations for a battle. The Genji family also prepares its troops for the battle against the Heike. Yoshitsune visits Goshirakawa to await the imperial order to go to battle at Ichinotani. However, Goshiraka spies Yoshitsune from behind a curtain instead. It is Goshirakawa's woman who talks to Yoshitsune instead. Yoshitsune senses Goshirakawa spying.

When Yoshitsune returns home, Kisanta comes to tell him that a guest has arrived to see him. As Yoshitsune proceeds to see his guest, suddenly ALL his retainers come and walk with him to go see the guest as well. ALL of them had this "anticipating + eager + cannot contain their excitement + while still trying to keep their faces straight" look. I got all excited and suspected something really fishy. *LOL* When Yoshitsune arrived at the room door, Benkei said, "Douzo~~" and opened the door. Yappari!! Hora!!! SHIZUKA!!!!! The two are delighted to be able to see each other once again. (Oh yea!!!! ^_^V Watashi mo!!!! Super excited yo!!! Yes I know. I'm insane for going nuts over a taiga. I can't believe myself. Like hello?! It's a historical drama for goodness sake!!! How much excitedness can one have over some boring history??? *whacks myself* Snuffles and I were so excited over yesterday's episode that we were sms-ing each other during the Yoshitsune x Shizuka scenes!!) When the order to attack the Heike was finally given, Yoshitsune and his army leave for Ichinotani.


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