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Friday, June 10, 2005

5:29 pm

Tsubasa in Yoshitsune

A short quick post from work.

Tsubasa will be acting in Yoshitsune!!!!
Credits to 2nd Face

Ok, I just needed to shout out that message. *LOL*

Tsubasa will be acting the role of Nasu No Yoichi. I googled for the name and found some information.

The story of Nasu no Yoichi is perhaps the best example of legendary skill in archery.

When the Minamoto and Taira engaged each other at the battle of Yashima, the Taira tied a sacred folding fan to the mast of their ship. The fan was said to contain the spirit of the Emperor and could cause the enemy arrows to recoil and rain upon the Taira's enemies. The Taira offered a challenge to any who dared approach them.

On the shore, Nasu no Yoichi, the greatest Minamoto archer, accepted the challenge by riding his horse into the waves in full view of the Taira ships. With a prayer to the Gods that calm the wind and sea, Nasu no Yoichi let his arrow fly. The arrow split the fan at its base and toppled it into the sea.

On both sides cheers of approval roared from the Warriors at such a magnificent shot.

Credits to + Shingetsu Kyudokai +

A Taira ship draws near the shore where the Minamoto forces are massing. A beautiful court woman emerges, and raising a red fan in the prow, invites the Minamoto to shoot at it. The Minamoto decide that it is surely a trap to entice some of their best men within range of attack from the ship, and rather than approaching, ask their best archer, Nasu no Yoichi, to shoot it down from the beach.

Though he doubts his ability to hit such a small object at a range of several hundred feet, Nasu no Yoichi determines to kill himself if he misses. He says a prayer to Hachiman, the God of war, and lets the arrow fly-a direct hit. Even the Taira must applaud him, though it is a sign that their doom is coming.

Credits to + Heike Monogatari +

One cannot help but remember the Hey3 episode where Tsubasa missed hitting the target twice with his bow and arrow. *ROFLMAO* Is this scene supposed to change our minds about Tsubasa's shooting skills? *LOL*


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