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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

11:48 pm

Tadaima~~~ Wisdom Lost

Tadaima~~~ I hate to say that. But, I have to accept the fact that I'm back to reality once again. Urgh.... Anyway, really sorry about not being able to u/l Sunday's Yoshitsune Episode 20 for everyone. I was busy being lovesick in Japan when Yoshitsune was being aired on TV. We couldnt even make it in time for the repeat for Yoshitsune. Gomen ne, Takki. We could have helped to contribute to the ratings. But, I'm really glad that although Yoshitsune aired on a concert day, which not all Takki fans could have managed to rushed home to watch the episode, the ratings still increased!!! Shanou-sama, omedetou gozaimasu!!~~~ (Btw, I always post the ratings for every Yoshitsune episode on the right side of my blog. And I also always update their schedule for TV appearances on the right side as well. ^o^)

Abit more T&T unit stuff coming up

29/5: Yah Yah Yah is going to show footage from 22/5 last GO! Con
24/5: Zubari which just aired tonight showed footage from 21/5's surprise MC segment.
31/5: Zubari will show more 21/5's footage, focusing on the Takki & Teppei and Tsubasa & Kazu-chan segment.

Sidetrack: I went for my wisdom teeth extraction surgery (ALL 4 were extracted out at 1 time) this morning at 7.30AM and I've got EIGHT days of MC!!! Yata!!!~~~ Ok, yes, it hurts and I'm on painkillers and antibiotics. I can't eat solid food for at least the next few days, only drinking lots of fluids and swallowing soft foods. I also can't open my mouth properly. I have a few cuts at the edges of my mouth because the doc had to stretch my mouth really wide open in order to carry out the surgery. My cheeks are like 2 huge balloons now and the doc said that the maximum swelling is on the THIRD day and there will be bruising too?! =___=" But I've got 8 whole days of MC!!! Woohoo!!! I can finally clear my comp's HD, work on my radio blog, this blog etc....lots to do!!!! Opps, everything seems to be T&T related!!! ^-^" I wonder if I'll get more MC after my review appt next week? *^o^*

Ok, Tackey & Tsubasa GO! Con 2005 report coming right up!!! Lotsa of rabu rabu which Snuffles, Syl and I screamed at, from the top of our lungs and we lost our voices over the 2 concert days. \^o^/


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