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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

11:40 pm

17 @ 050501

Honto ni gomenasai!!!! I actually had these up on Sunday night already. But there was just way too much Takitsuba news about Osaka Go! Con and too much activities going on that I was too preoccupied to post this. So, here you go!!!! By the way, the ratings for Episode 17 went up!!! It's 20.7% as compared to 19.9% for last week!! Yokatta ne~~~~

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WARNING: The first 20 minutes or so of today's episode is hilarious BUT the rest of the episode today is a definite tear-jeaker.

As the capital is going to be moved back to Kyoto, the people in Fukuhara get busy. Kiyomori just sits back and sees how things go. In Kamakura, Yoshitsune gets familiar with local farmers and spends days peacefully and is happily in bliss with Shizuka. Benkei is still unaware of the relationship between Yoshitsune and Shizuka and complains about her staying at their house. The rest of the Yoshitsune's followers drags him aside to try to let him notice the two’s relationship. This part was totally hilarious because Beneki was totally clueless as to what the others were trying to explain to him. Even after they tried to use an analogy, Benkei still didn't understand. Benkei was upset and stormed off to take a walk. He walked to the beach and stepped into the water to wash his face. He somehow slips into the water. Actually, I have no idea how he slipped. It looked, chotto fake to me.

Benkei is saved by a fisherman's daughter, Chidori. Upon waking up, Benkei happens to see Chidori naked and gets upset because it is the first time for him to see a naked woman. Benkei's expression at this part was so funny!!! He was shocked + speechless + helpless and he grabs his clothes and runs away!!! And you know what, he was STARING so wide-eyed at Chidori!!! *whacks Benkei* You wa hentai ojisan!!! However, soon after, Benkei spends more time with Chidori and falls in love with Chidori, which Yoshitsune and the others are happy about. Around that time, Masako asks Yoshitsune to marry a woman Yoritomo recommends. Because he loves Shizuka, Yoshitsune suffers. He is torn between the woman that his brother wants him to marry and the love of his life. Benkei and the rest discuss this problem secretly, late at night in a small hut. Unfortunately, Shizuka happened to overhear their conversation and finds out that Yoshitsune has been offered a marriage. She is upset as she loves Yoshitsune too. She knows that Yoshitsune is in a difficult position and decides to go back to Kyoto. She announces it to everyone that night and everyone is shocked. Everyone does not want her to go, but she insists. Shizuka thanks Yoshitsune for everything and she leaves the next day with Chidori as company. Everyone sends her off from a distance. Shizuka and Yoshitsune are sad but both put up a brave front.


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