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Thursday, April 28, 2005

2:01 am

Channel @ Making (preview)

I think I just woke my entire neighbourhood up with a 2+ min preview of Channel @ Making of Kamen at about 2AM. Actually, it wasn't even 2+ min because there was Channel @'s coverage of the Mask 2 event, including a short trailer of mask 2.

Channel @ gave a much clearer coverage of the Mask 2 secret event! You can see their dance moves much better!! The audience were practically jumping out of their seats and screaming at the top of their lungs too!! How lucky they are ne~~~

Also, they showed a little of how they shot the fast-rotating black columns scenes. I finally saw the dance moves for Kamen properly!!!

I love THAT move!! And here I go flooding my own post with caps again. At least it's easier this time round because the rotating black beams were slower.

Look at Tsubasa. He is looking sideways with sort of a scowl? And the way he arches his back and places his hand on his hips? To me, this is 1 of his unique styles in his dancing. You can have many people doing the exact same dance. But Tsubasa will somehow manage to stand out from the rest with his own style. Of course Takki's dancing is good too. I definitely love Takki's dancing yo! It's just that Tsubasa has this unique touch to his style.

I love this! Their fingers pointing up in the air and their hand on their waist.

I love this part too, where they have to lift their leg during the 360 degree hand rotation move.

Look at where their hands are!!! *drools an ocean*

There is this instance where they just pause and stand there after the hand rotation move while the black rotating columns move around them. A kakkoii standing pose!!!

And after the pause, they will do this hand motion, stick out their leg and flick their head backwards! Snuffles, I think this is THAT head-flick you were talking about. THAT last pose which killed you at Mask 2 cafe. Oh yea, it definitely killed me too.

Ok, I LOVE KAMEN period.

For Channel @, Takitsuba plays JENGA this time!!! Takki was so stunned by Tsubasa's reaction to 1 of the questions!

Takki: "What kind of song is Kamen?"
Tsubasa: "Good song"

Tsubasa answered the question so nonchantly and just proceeded to place his block onto the stack after answering!!! Takki was so shocked by Tsubasa's answer that he almost spitted out and fell onto the floor!! Kyahhh!!! These 2 baka boys!! What other questions are they going to answer?? I cannot wait to watch the whole clip!!!

Credits to Blu, I-san and Elysia


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