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Monday, April 25, 2005

12:22 am

16 @ 050424

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Yohistsune Episode 16 achieved a rating of 19.9%. This is a drop from last week. Taiga drama viewers do not like to watch love plot kana? I think the majority of them prefer historical milestones, unlike me.

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Ok, couldn't resist it. Had to post a quick summary of today's episode. Must be because I just watched the repeat. And I have no idea why, but I am still feeling genki. But u know what? I bet I will be a zombie at work in a few hours time.

Finally!!!! The love story between Yoshitsune and Shizuka has progressed!!!! OMG!!!! *loracyn runs around room crazily in circles like a headless chicken* Okok, I better calm myself down and start from the beginning of the episode.

Yoshitsune and Shizuka are walking along a path in the woods. Yoshitsune is walking slightly ahead but always looking out for Shizuka as she is still limping around with the help of a walking stick. But he cannot hold and help her walk better because it is not proper for him to do that. And then we see Masako spying on them. *Ebil ebil Masako* She is jealous of Yoshitsune and Shizuka. She can see that they like each other and are jealous of their pure relationship and their happy times together. *kicks ebil Masako away*

Kichiji comes to Yoshitsune's house and visits everyone. He talks about Kyoto. Kyoto is in a state of confusion as the capital has been moved to Fukuhara. Tairano Munemori (1 of Kiyomori's sons), goes to visit the ex-emperor Goshirakawa. Hearing about Kyoto's messy situtation, Goshirakawa pleads with Munemori to let him return to Kyoto. Munemori goes back to report to Kiyomori. Although Kiyomori turns down Munemori’s request, he himself decides to return to Kyoto as he realizes other members of the Heike clan also wish for their return. All his sons have plead with him to return to Kyoto. In Kamakura, Yoshitsune hears about this. He feels sympathetic towards Kiyomori and understands his sadness and loneliness for not being able to be understood by his own family members.

Yoshitsune is in the woods picking flowers. (for Shizuka perhaps? ) He sees a flustered Masako looking around for something/someone. He follows her and sees a shocking scene. He sees Yoritomo with Kamenomae (his lover) talking away happily in this house. He saw that Masako is seeing this too. Masako is very angry and upset. She runs away crying. She bumps into Yoshitsune and both are arkward because they know what both of them have just seen. Yoshitsune gives Masako the flower that he has just picked and tries to comfort her. masako is somewhat touched by his words and actions. But Yoshitsune still feels very bad and apologises to her. Ehhhh???!!! Nani wo???? Yoshitsune, you do not need to apologise to Masako for your brother's sleezy actions yo!!!

Then, we see Kisanta and the others helping this lady. All of them are covered with soot from head to toe. They have just helped to rescue this lady from a fire. Her house was burnt down and she was trapped inside. Yoshitsune takes a proper look at the lady and to his shock, he realises that it is Kamenomae! This incident allowed Yoshitsune to witness Masako being jealous when she found out about the relationship between Yoritomo and Kamenomae. Yoritomo is furious with Masako and storms out of the house. He goes to see the burnt wreckage and is upset. In the meantime, Yoshitsune and Shizuka help to care for Kamenomae. Yoshitsune-sama, do not get caught in this complication situation yo!!!! Masako is an EBIL EBIL woman!!!! You'll never know what she is plotting behind your back!!!!

Yoshitsune is restless as the day for Shizuka’s departure for Kyoto draws near. At night, Yoshitsune and Shizuka play the flute together. Shizuka brings up the topic of her having to leave soon as her leg is almost healed. The incident of Yoritomo, Kamenomae and Masako inspires Yoshitsune to reveal his own feelings towards Shizuka and to confirm her feelings towards him. Yoshitsune asks her where she wants to be, to return to Kyoto or to stay here. OMG! I kyahhhed at his part!!!! It was like a totally direct declaration of his love for her!!!!!!!!!!! Then, it gets even better. Yoshitsune told Shizuka that he does not want her to leave!!! *loracyn screams even more and goes totally nuts, so much so that she is still too genki now at 4AM to sleep and she needs to wake up at 7AM for work* Yoshitsune wants Shizuka to stay!!!! But Shizuka is very sad. She does not want to leave and says that she wishes that her leg will not heal. But she has to return to Kyoto because her mother is there. Yoshitsune is very sad too. He was close to tears and his expression!!! OMG!!! It's not just his frowny eyebrows!!! I totally feel you Takki!!!! Your acting skills as Yoshitsune!!!! Super duper excellent!!! Oscar-award winning!!!!! Yoshitsune pulls Shizuka towards him and hugs her!!!!!! *gasps* And at that moment, the candle light gets extinguished. (NHK has this thing for dramatic effects. ) So both of them are hugging in darkness! *flatline*

Masako and Hojo Tokimasa (Masako's father) urge Yoritomo to turn Yoshitsune away from his side. *ebil ebil Masako* This is the the start of her planting the seeds of discord between the 2 brothers which will lead to the last episode of Yoshitsune which every Takki fan in the world hates!!!! *whacks Masako* What on earth is her problem?! Yoshitsune did not do anything wrong to her or harm her in any way at all!!! In fact, Yoshitsune respects her as his sister-in-law and even comforted her!!! Urgh..... Stupid woman.... Initially, Yoritomo wanted Yoshitsune to go to fight this battle, or to stay behind (I'm not sure which) but after Masako and her father's urging, Yoritomo's decision swayed. He changed his mind which shocked everyone. And Masako was smiling happily away that she achieved what she wanted and that she managed to influenced Yoritomo's decision. *whacks indecisive Yoritomo* Even Yoshitsune himself was shocked and upset when Yoritomo announced his decision in front of everyone. But Yoshitsune accepted his task readily and firmly. See???? Even his younger brother is more decisive and firm than him!!!!!! When Benkei and the other followers of Yoshitsune found out about Yoritomo's decision, they were upset too. However, Yoshitsune managed to calm them down and won their favour over. As Benkei and the rest will stand by Yoshitsune no matter what happens, they too accept Yoshitsune decision readily. Shizuka is seen overhearing this scene and is glad for Yoshitsune.


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