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Friday, April 22, 2005

9:27 am

Recommen @ 050421

Both Takki and Tsubasa were scheduled to be on air for Recommen last night. But Takki had to go shoot an important scene for NHK, so he didn't turn up. So, it was only Tsubasa, Yoko and Hina. But there is still some good news!!!

Talk about Takki's birthday party came up!!! Finally!!

Tsubasa said that he held the party for about 20 people at an izakaya. (eto, what is that or where is it? Sandy, thanks for explaining what "izakaya" is. It's a drinking bar! That's predicted with these 2 boys ne~ ) After that, the party changed location to a karaoke place and about 30 people attended. Tsubasa then said that he gave Takki a racing game's cockpit for his birthday present. Apparently Takki is into this racing game recently. Oh, does this mean that Takki still has time to play games? Yokatta ne~ At least we know that he still has a life away from work. Although looking at his schedule that I posted last night, I seriously wonder how he manages to find leisure time.

Then, during ToBase, Takki called in!!!!! He said that he was still at NHK filming. He explained that there was an important scene to shoot at NHK, so he decided to go shoot it instead of coming on Recommen. Hmm... I wonder what important scene is this such that it had to be done so urgently?? Then, Tsubasa said that the next time, they will be guests TOGETHER, maybe on 1st May. Tsubasa must be so disappointed that Takki couldn't make it! He wants them to be on air together the next time! Yes, you must do that yo!!! Yoko and Hina then said that they will be guests for Takitsuba Go! Con. Takki thought that they meant they were going to be guests in the audience. But Yoko and Hina said that they were going on stage to perform! Takki was like "Maji de???" Yoko and Hina said "Honto ni!! We'll cancel our work to go there!"

Ahh!!! Please do go on Recommen together the next time!!! It does not have to be on 1st May. Won't they be exhausted if they go on Recommen on 1st of May? They have 2 concerts @ Osaka yo. Please have some rest!!! Although I do so want them to go on Recommen together, because I know they will be baka and have so much fun on air.

(Credits to Karog 283 @ 2nd Face )


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