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Sunday, May 01, 2005

1:10 am

Osaka Go! Con + MS (050429)

Osaka Go! Con (050430) Song List

1) Serenade
2) Love Spiral
3) Sora no Screen
4) Kamen
5) We are the T&T (Huh? What song is this? It's supposed to be the intro song, but...eto, "We are the T&T"??)
6) MC Talk
7) Junior Dance
8) Yoshitsune Corner (I wonder what does Takki do here? Dress up in his Yoshitsune costume and fight off the Juniors? )
9) Circle
10) 2nd Face
11) Axel
12) Ai Sekai
13) Ai Shitagari
14) Queen of R
15) Sotsugyou
16) Diamond
17) Ai Check It
18) Mihatenu Yume (Tsubasa's new solo for Tongari Corn tuna-flavoured CM)
19) Yume Monogatari
20) Da.Ke.Do (Takki's composition with the lyrics written by his drinking buddy )
21) One Day One Dream
22) Kamira Tamara
23) Mirai Koukai

1) Hito Natsu No
2) Kamen

No Epilogue??? No You & I??? I don't know, but imho, Mirai Koukai just doesn't have the right feeling for an ending song.

Tsubasa came out at the end with only a white towel wrapped around his waist!!! Takki came out with his shirt off and a towel around his head!!!

Takki gave Tsubasa a FLYING KISS!!!!!!!!!! Kyahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Credits to Jenn and Sentaki

Serenade Stick - I'm pretty speechless and quite disappointed about the Serenade stick. Ok, it might look pretty in the dark because the rose on top of the stick is a light. But, generally, lights look pretty in the dark. And I've not seen it in the dark yet. I've only seen pictures of it and........ ok, Snuffles says that it's way too Matsuken SAMBA-ish. It has way too much gold and silver streamers around it and the streamers are too long!! It looks like a feather duster!!! I'm serious!!! It looks totally different from what I expected it to be. I think a handmade Serenade stick made according to the FC instructions would look way much better, except that it would not have a light. I seriously hope that Takitsuba didn't have a say in the design of the Serenade penlight. I'm sure they have way better taste than that!!!!!

Credits to Momo for the picture of the Serenade Stick

Pamphlet - It's stylish!!!!! It's black in colour and has a picture of Takitsuba (monochrome) in side profile. There are 2 silver stars ★★ at the right bottom corner of the cover. I wonder how thick/thin is this year's pamphlet? Last year's Harucon pamphlet was a THICK BOOK!

Credits to Jenn for the picture of the pamphlet

T-Shirt - It's black in colour and is stylish too. The front design is similar to the pamphlet, without Takitsuba's picture of course. The back design is simple but stylist. "05" is printed in white colour and there are 2 small light-yellow stars ★★ above the "05". I think they are stars because the picture I saw was very small. I hope they have proper sizes for females this time round!!

Credits to Snuffles for the picture of the t-shirt

MS (050429)

I finally saw the dance moves for the whole song of Kamen properly, finally! Ok, Kamen is a dance song. It's all about the dance. Takitsuba must have spent a lot of effort learning and practising this dance, especially Takki. The moves are really quite difficult and a lot of coordination is needed too. Takki looked kanpeki and Tsubasa's dancing is woah... yappari, Tsubasa wa Dancing King. But both of them looked tired? I think the hectic schedule is getting to them. They must have been busy and tired with concert rehearsals recently. Plus, they had to reach Osaka that same night for Osaka Go! Con (050430). Taihen desune~~ I feel that the PV is way much hotter. Maybe I anticipated too much from a live TV performance and that is why I feel that the MS performance paled in comparison? Kana...


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