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Saturday, May 07, 2005

1:14 am

Utaban + MS + Waratte Iitomo + Music Fighter

(Editted on 050509 @ 11AM)

I think the Utaban performance of Kamen is the best so far out of the 2 MS performances and tonight's Utaban. Although they didn't perform the whole song on Utaban, but I think the visuals are the best in Utaban so far. There was this dragon prop hanging above them, though I'm not sure what the connection is between Kamen and a dragon? The background was dark blue with stars and this castle-wall surroundings and fake fire flames on the castle walls. I think the spot lights from above and the blue-white chequered floor improved the visual effects. There is more of a mysterious feel in Utaban which made the performance more ero/hot? Actually, you know what, I think the camera-man is the most important factor!!! He/she must know when is it best to zoom in or out to capture the best visuals for the tv audience!!!!! So, the camera-man for Utaban is better than camera-man for MS kana? Oh! And there was this part when the camera-man suddenly swung the focus and zoomed into Tsubasa's legs when he was dancing.

Utaban showed VTR msgs about other people's views of them from Matsuken, KATTUN and NEWS. Matsuken said that he did not know Takki well at first, but after going out together for karaoke sessions and an onsen trip, he praised Takki. Both KATTUN and NEWS had more to comment about Takki. Both groups said that Takki would treat them to eat and KATTUN had worked with Takki for DB last year too. However, neither groups have much impression of Tsubasa. NEWS even asked Tsubasa to please bring them out and treat them to eat!! So after the VTR msgs, Nakai tried to teach Tsubasa how to get closer to the juniors. Anyway, after this, Nakai asked T&T which physical feature of a female would they notice first. Takki said that it's the shoulders for him. Yes, again. Well, at least we know his taste has not changed. He even said that he DOESN'T have much interest in a female's boobs!! Ok, we're all safe from boob jobs!

Both of them were asked to guess which type of girl the other person likes. But they were made to do this separately and without knowing each other's answer. When Takki was guessing Tsubasa's answer, Tsubasa had to go sit at one side to put headphones on and likewise vice versa. 5 females came out and stood in a row. Tsubasa was asked to guess first. Tsubasa guessed that Takki will choose Female No. 3 but added that perhaps Takki will like No. 2 as well. But Tsubasa decided on No. 3 in the end. And Takki really chose No. 3!!!!! Next, Takki had to guess Tsubasa's choice and he said that Tsubasa tends to like women with a sisterly feeling. So Takki guessed either No. 3 or No. 1. But Tsubasa chose No. 2????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, it's not that I have anything against females that are of No. 2 type, but.....Tsubasa???!!!!! Was he trying to be funny or was he really truthful about his choice??????? Everyone was totally shocked by his choice!!!!! Baka baka Tsubasa!!

I think tonight's MS was better than last week's. At least they didn't look so tired and Tamori-san got to talk to them more! Gackt was introduced as No. 7 ranked on Oricon, then Ayu was No. 2 and Takitsuba were introduced that their single got No. 1 on Oricon charts!!!! Then, Tamori-san talked to them about the suit for Kamen and somehow the topic zoomed into their CROTCH AREA?! And then Takki and Tamori-san kept using their hands to draw a triangular shape to emphasise their own crotch areas!!!! And Tamori-san then used his hands to squeeze his own face from both sides as an anology????? I think they were talking about wedgies here????? [Apparently, the shirts worn for Kamen has underwear connected to the shirts so that their shirts would not get untucked of their pants when they are doing all the vigourous dance moves. So its like a shirt + underwear combined. OMG. That's like a perpetual wedgie throughout Kamen!!!! Can you imagine their uncomfortable-ness when dancing Kamen??? Ok, though the thought of a major wedgie is gross, but knowing this fact only makes me love them even more, because of all the hard work they have to go through to bring out the best for Kamen... for US!! ] About the performance, the set's theme colour this time is gold with golden poles and silver chains. I don't know, but the quality of the visuals for MS seem to be declining, as compared to last year ie. Serenade? Or is it just me having higher expectations for Kamen? But at least they did the whole song because I think the dance movements during the interlude should not be cut out. The interlude is the part which includes Takistuba taking turns to do that Get Down move and the "face each other with 1 hand on face and body wave" ROLL, which imho, are excellent visuals!!! And Utaban's performance didn't include them!

The highlight for Waratte Iitomo was that Tsubasa revealed that he did NOT wear anything underneath that towel when he came out with a towel wrapped around his waist for Osaka Go! Con's curtain call!!!! *triple whacks Tsubasa* How can Tsubasa have the confidence NOT to wear anything underneath???? What if the towel slips off or flaps open??? I mean, I wouldn't mind if I was in the audience. But it'll be extremely embarrassing for Tsubasa yo! What on earth was he thinking?? And like what Yvie said, what if some over-excited fan managed to get near enough to Tsubasa and YANKED at the towel????!!! *ROFLMAO*

Ok, after watching Music Fighter, I think it's the best so far. I've changed my mind about Utaban. Although the performance was also the shorter version like Utaban's, I think the camera-work was the best. This is really important as it can actually bring out the essence of a performance. Also, I think T&T looked the most energetic + genki in this performance. Of course none of the performances can compare to the PV though. For MF, though the set was simple and without props, different coloured lights were used. I thought the blue and green ones were ok, but not the red ones. MF also showed a VTR segment of T&T called Akarui News. It was really short but both of them looked really genki in the VTR!! Yokatta ne~~~~ When Takki was introducing them, Tsubasa gave him weird looks as if, "Ehh? How come you're suddenly so genki???" The talk was basically about Takki's birthday and Takki playfully slapped Tsubasa on his shoulder!!! *read: sign of affection* And then, Takki placed his hand on Tsubasa's shoulder while he was talking till near the end of the VTR. *read: Tsubasa's mine!*

Hey! Hey! Hey! 2 hour Special tonight has T&T!!! O-tanoshimi~~~~~


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