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Monday, May 09, 2005

8:45 am

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In Kyoto, Kiyomori spends his days in despair as his dream of founding a capital in Fukuhara failed. One day, while drinking and chatting, he suddenly drops his "saucer" of wine as he experiences great pain. Kiyomori is sick and comes down with a high fever. There is always this person beside him using a paper fan to try to cool him down. From his sickbed, Kiyomori sends a messenger to the ex-emperor Goshirakawa and asks him to recognize Munemori (Kiyomori's 2nd son) as the next head of the Heike family. However, Goshirakawa keeps silent as he has already decided to part with Kiyomori. Tokiko feels suspicious about Goshirakawa’s reaction and tells Munemori to visit him for a talk. During the visit, Goshirakawa pretends to be very empathetic towards Munemori and Kiyomori. However, Munemori goes back empty-handed. As Kiyomori's fever worsens, the Heike people resort to placing small ice blocks beside Kiyomori's bed and fan the cool air towards him. In a desperate measure, Gotari hurries to Fukuhara where Kiyomori left his favourite rosary beads and brings them back, hoping that Kiyomori will feel better or even get well soon. However, despite desperate praying and devoted care from his family and followers, Kiyomori dies. He was struggling near the end as he tried to leave his last words to Tokiko and still feels upset that his dream of building the capital in Fukuhara failed. [I think Kiyomori can act really well too. His struggle on his sickbed is really so heart-wrenching!!!! I can feel his pain as his face twisted in pain. I actually cried when he was struggling and passed away!!!! Oh geez, Yoshitsune didn't even need to cry for me to open my floodgates!!] A few days later, Tokiko lies to the members of the family about Kiyomori’s last words, feeling uneasy about Munemori’s capability as the head of the family. She is determined not to allow the Heike clan to fall. [I think she is the head of the family now?]

Although Yoshitsune came to Kamakura with a strong wish to help Yoritomo, he feels that he is not welcomed there. He feels dejected as Yoritomo does not treat Yoshitsune as his brother and merely as one of his followers/servants. Soon after, Yoritomo and Masako informs Yoshitsune about Kiyomori’s death. Initially, Yoshitsune contains his emotions. However, after he reaches home, he prays for Kiyomori's passing and cannot contain his emotions. For the first time, Yoshitsune cries. [And I mean really crying, not just tears in his eyes!!!! Poro poro no namida!!!! One moment, Yoshitsune had tears welled up in his eyes. The next, his tears just flowed down his face so freely!!! Takki really deserves the Best Actor Award he won for Yoshitsune!!! And I swear, I'm not being biased!!!] Yoshitsune's followers are worried about him and wanted to go comfort him. However, Benkei stopped them and told them to leave him alone.


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