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Monday, May 16, 2005

12:19 am

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The news of Gotari’s death makes Yoshitsune upset as those who were close to him seem to pass away one after another. One day, Yoritomo introduces Noriyori, another half-brother, to Yoshitsune. During that gathering, the Genji clan discusses plans. However, both Yoshitsune and Noriyori are unhappy with Yoritomo's decision and way of management. Later, Noriyori comes to visit Yoshitsune and they drink together. Noriyori has a gentle nature. Thus, as Yoshitsune gets to know Noriyori, he feels the warmth of family ties. On the other hand, Yoritomo had never treated Yoshitsune as family.

Meanwhile, back in Kyoto, the ex-emperor Goshirakawa keeps an eye on the members and followers of the Genji family scattered around the country. A secret letter arrives to him. Yoritomo sent a proposal for a reconciliation with the Heike clan. Then, Tokiko goes to visit Goshirakawa. But upon hearing that she has come to visit him, he gives the excuse that he is having a headache. Goshirakawa's wife receives Tokiko instead. She tries to enccourage Tokiko to settle with the Genji family. Being concerned that her lie about Kiyomori’s last words is making the situation worse, Tokiko tells the truth to Munemori. However, Munemori reacts in an unexpected way.

Yukiie comes to Kamakura after he lost in the battle at the Sunomata River. He tries to explain himself but was put down by Yoritomo. He left being hurt and angry, almost with tears in his eyes. Treated disrespectfully by Yoritomo, Yukiie tries to induce Yoshitsune to head the clan together. But, Yoshitsune firmly declines the suggestion. Yukiie had no choice but to leave angry and hurt again. One day, Yoshitsune learns that Tsugunobu Sato and Tadanobu Sato, two of his followers, are suspected of something and goes to talk with Yoritomo. Yoshitsune comes back and clears the 2 Sato borthers of their accusation. Both brothers are very touched for what Yoshitsune did. All the other followers are happy and relieved for them too.


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