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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

4:27 am

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Note: + NHK Yoshitsune Mook Part 2 + on sale 25/6!!

Yoshitsune Epi 22 rating: 21.7%!!! Yata!~~~~


The episode starts with showing Yoshitsune with all his retainers travelling on the road. All of them are wearing battle gear. (Looks like we're going to see lots of long-haired Yoshitsune in his red 30kg (-__-''') battle gear!!) On one of the pitstops along the way to Kyoto from Kamakura, Yoshitsune hears the rout of Heike’s army and sends Saburo to Kyoto for scouting. Actually, it was more like Saburo volunteering himself to be a scout. He was happy not to wear the heavy battle armour and took it off happily. *lol*

Yoshinaka, who defeated Heike’s army at Kurikara Pass, leads more attacks on the retreating Heike army led by Koremori. Because Koremori had to somehow get food during his escape, he had no choice but to surrender a suit of armour which has been passed down to the legitimate heir of the Heike clan. Yoshinaka and his wife were very pleased to have obtained the suit of armour. Upon knowledge of the news, Munemori was furious. Tokiko was informed of the news as well. Munemori goes to find the ex-emperor. However, the ex-emperor seems angry with the Heike clan. One day, Koremori’s mother visits Tokiko. She apologises for Koremori's actions and pleads with her for a loan to buy back the armor.

Yoshitsune and his retainers are sitting around the fire in the Genji camp one night. Suddenly, they hear birds squawking just outside their camp and they are startled, thinking that it might be a sudden ambush from Heike. Fortunately, it is Saburo who has returned from scouting. Yoshitsune and the other retainers are happy and excited to see him back. They immediately want to drink with him. But Saburo has news to report to Yoshitsune first. Yoshitsune learns from Saburo that Yoshinaka and his troops are heading to Kyoto. Everyone gets worried. In an attempt to make Yoshinaka change his mind, Yoshitsune tells Saburo to spread a rumor that the army of Yoritomo is coming to the capital. However, I think Yoshitsune's intention brings about unexpected results.

One night, Otoku (who is actually the narrator in every episode) goes to find Tokiko. I think Otoku wanted to help the Heike on this issue on the account of her close friendship/respect of the late Kiyomori. With the help and tactfulness of Otoku, the Heike family gets the suit of armour back. Upon seeing the suit of armour back in the Heike household, Koremori is very relieved. However, when Koremori's mother asked, Tokiko did not reveal that Otoku helped. Koremori's mother, Koremori and his brother were very grateful to Tokiko for her help. Munemori arrives to see the armour. Koremori apologises to him. However, upon seeing the armour, Munemori brings up something about the main branch of the Heike family. (I think Koremori's mother is the late Kiyomori's second wife kana? So Koremori and his brother are not considered to belong to the main branch of the family.) + Edit: Koremori is the grandson of Kiyomori!! Koremori's mother (Tsuneko) is the 2nd wife and not the birth mother of Koremori and his brother. Thanks to Snuffles for correcting me!! being a blur Yoshitsune dork here!! Hotno ni gomenasai!!! X__X + This upsets Tsuneko, Koremori and his brother. Even Tokiko is startled. Koremori had tears in his eyes, got up in a sudden and left. He felt that perhaps it was all his fault that he was defeated in battle and even had to suffer the humilation of losing the Heike's family heirloom. Tsuneko cried. Upon seeing the turn of events, Tokiko wanted to persuade Munemori but he seemed adamnant. Thus, Tokiko could only sigh and left the matter be. She felt helpless. After all, Munemori was the head of the family now. Later, Munemori let one of his brothers try on the suit of armour. They are in high spirits. Tomomori happens to see them from the hallway and does not seem pleased.

Saburo returns from another trip of scouting. He tells Yoshitsune that his rumour brought about unexpected results and that Yoshinaka was now on his way to Mount Hiei instead. Everyone is perplexed. Yoshitsune is worried and tries to think of the next best course of action. I think Kiyomori's ideals have left a very deep impact on Yoshitsune. Thus, although Yoshitsune is fighting for the Genji clan now, he is still trying to help the late Kiyomori fulfil his unrealised dream.

Tomomori proposes to Munemori that the family should leave Kyoto for the west to rebuild their troops. This is because the great army of Yoshinaka is approaching Mount Hiei. Without a proper battle plan, the Heike would suffer another defeat. Although Munemori did not want to leave the capital, he had no choice but to agree. One of the brothers then proceeded to spread the news to the women in the household. At first, Tokiko was adamnant about leaving the capital. However, her son explained that they had no choice or they would lose terribly in the next battle. They did not want to cause the fall of the clan which Kiyomori had painstakingly built. With a heavy heart, Tokiko agreed. Thus, everyone in the household started packing and preparing for the move.

During this time, the guy whom Kiyomori gave Yoshitsune's mother (Tokiwa) to, came looking for Munemori. (Sorry, I forgot his name already. ~__~ Actually, when he appeared, I was quite excited. I thought Tokiwa was going to appear too. Hmm... I kinda miss her ne~~~ ) He had found the wallscreen (is that the correct term used?) which protrayed the late Kiyomori's dream. It's the one which Ushikawa had drawn a circle, depicting the sun and which Kiyomori drawn a ship. Upon seeing it, tears welled up in his eyes as Munemori became reminded of the time when Kiyomori explained his dream to Yoshitsune. He also remembered how he threw stones at the wallscreen. (Funny but the wallscreen wasn't damaged. *lol*) Munemori decided to burn the wallscreen. He was both angry and sad as he approached the wallscreen with a lighted fire-torch in his hand. He had tears welled up in his eyes. However, just at the last moment befor the fire-torch could touch the wallscreen, a sudden huge gush of wind blew and knocked the fire-torch out of Munemori's hands. (O__O''') Perhaps Munemori felt that it was the supernatural at work here, so he gave up the idea of destroying the wallscreen and stormed off in a huff. (Thank goodness he didn't burn it!! *phew* So Snuffles, Syl and I were able to see it on display at NHK StudioPark. *LMAO*)

PS: I aint being a good blog mistress at all. So lovesick from watching the various concert clips, especially Zubari!!!!! *hides in a corner and cries* It makes it so hard to write my concert report!!! *sobz*


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