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Monday, June 13, 2005

6:45 pm

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Yoshitsune with his retainers make camp in Omi. Suddenly, Yoshitsune hears Jiro and Saburo shouting from outside the camp. Yoshitsune and the other remaining retainers rush out. To everyone's pleasant surprise, it was Utsubo!!! She has come to visit Yoshitsune. She was gushing and blushing when she saw Yoshitsune after such a long time. *LOL* Hearing from her that the Heike family has decided to flee from Kyoto, Yoshitsune thinks of going to see what is happening in the capital.

Around the same time in Kyoto, it becomes known that the ex-emperor Goshirakawa has secretly escaped from the imperial palace to hide in a temple in the mountains. Munemori and the other Heike members are shocked to learn of the ex-emperor's betrayal. Munemori and Tomomori goes to tell their sister (Tokuko), whom is now the mother of the young child Emperor Antoku that they are leaving. Munemori is sad as he delivers the news. Muneko and Yoshiko (Yikes!! She made her appearance today!!! X___X Sorry, but I ain't the greatest fan of Goto Maki.) goes to see Tokiko. Yoshiko decides to leave with the Heike and Tokiko is pleased with her. The Heike family finally leaves Kyoto with a heavy heart. Tokiko, Muneko, Tokuko, Yoshiko and Emperor Antoku travel by carriage with 3 treasures. (national treasures kana?) Soon after, Yoshinaka and his lover, Tomoe enters the capital with Yukiie. Yoshinaka and Yukiie pays a visit to Goshirakawa. However, Yoshinaka does not give Goshirakawa any respect. Seeing Yoshinaka's rude behavior, Goshirakawa feels insecure about siding with him.

During the escape from Kyoto, the Heike family stops over at Fukuhara and holds a memorial service for Kiyomori. During the service accompanied by music which was played by the males in the Heike family, Tokiko sees Kiyomori’s ghost. She is upset and misses him. As Kiyomori's ghost fades away, a single firefly is seen flying towards Tokiko. Later, in the far distance across the sea, Yoshitsune sees a huge fire burning near the shore in Fukuhara. The Heike family has burnt the camp and shelter used for the stopover and memorial service. Yoshitsune is reminded of Kiyomori and misses him. A single firefly flies towards him as well. (I think the firefly is meant to protray Kiyomori's spirit kana?)

After being granted an official rank by Goshirakawa, Yoshinaka immerses himself in a luxurious lifestyle in Kyoto and neglects to control his army. Without any higher authority to control them, Yoshinaka's army start to bully the commoners. One day, Yoshitsune, who comes to Kyoto to gather information, witnesses the violence by Yoshinaka's soldiers. He goes up to stop them but is prevented by Benkei for fear of blowing their disguise. Yoshitsune was furious at the actions of Yoshinaka's soldiers.

Later that night, Yoshitsune goes to find Yoshinaka to remonstrate with him as his cousin. At first, Yoshinaka did not believe that the man standing in front of him was Yoshitsune. Then, Yoshitsune mentioned an incident 10 years ago, from the past, which only both of them would have know of. It was only then that Yoshinaka believed Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune tells Yoshinaka about what he saw in the capital and tells him to do something about his army. Yoshinaka got very angry and pulled out his sword and put it to Yoshitsune's neck. However, Yoshitsune was TOTALLY UNFAZED at all!!! Woah!!! Yoshitsune continues to plead with him and talks about his own ideals, a new country. (I think?) I'm not sure exactly what he said here. Did Yoshitsune mention something about stopping war and a Heike + Genji clan merger or co-existence? *shrugs* Gomenasai. I get quite lost when the characters start to engage in rather long conversations. ^^;;; Yoshinaka continued to remain furious untill Yoshitsune mentioned Yoshinaka's son (I think his name is Yoshitaka?) who was now residing in Yoritomo's residence. Only at the mention of his son did Yoshinaka cool down somewhat. Yoshinaka asks Yoshitsune about his son. At the end, Yoshitsune leaves with a heavy heart, knowing that Yoshinaka is only hankering after power and glory.


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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