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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

3:15 pm

Official News: Tsubasa in Yoshitsune

It is finally officially announced that Tsubasa will be guest-appearing in Yoshitsune. He will be acting as the role of Nasu no Yoichi in the 'Battle of Yashima'. Tsubasa will appear in Episode 32 which is due to be aired on August 14.

News reports: + Sponichi + Nikkan Sports + Sanspo + Yomiuri + Daily +

It's been many years since T&T both appeared in a drama together. Their last one was Genryoku Ryoran, (about 5 or 6 years ago?) also a taiga drama. The only part I remember about Genryoku Ryoran is Tsubasa and Takki having a confrontation in a room and both of them drew swords to fight each other. I remember Tsubasa looked quite bald because they tied a black cloth quite tightly around his head? *lol* Shall go and dig my clips and see if I can find it and do a screencap. As I have previously posted, Nasu no Yoichi is the best archer in the Genji army whom successfully shot a fan which was in the Heike's ship out in the ocean.

The chief producer had decided from very early before that he wanted Tsubasa to act in Yoshitsune. (I think I read that during the concert, Tsubasa actually did mention that he was going to appear in Yoshitsune? But all the fans in the crowd didn't believe him and Takki said something like, "Ok, Let's show them ne?" ^^;;; And obviously everyone thought they were joking. And I think this was only mentioned once?) So, both of them already knew way ahead that Tsubasa was going to have a guest appearance ne. Teasing us and testing our reactions during the concert kana?

Went to Yahoo Auctions and LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Takki as Yoshitsune in his red armour and Tsubasa as Yoichi in a blue armour. Tsubasa has long black hair!!!!!! Oh darn, I need a better close-up pic of this. They do look alike here don't they?? Twins with the long black hair, similar costumes and arrows behind their back. *LOL* It's just that Takki's in red and Tsubasa's in blue. Hmm.... it reminds me of their colours, where Takki wears orange for Real DX and pink for Yume, whereas Tsubasa is in blue for both songs. PS: How come their shoes look so HUGE???!!

Tsubasa on a horse (Sylph??) with a bow and arrow, aiming at the target!!!! He looks kinda bulky here wearing the period drama costume? ^^;;;


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