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Monday, June 20, 2005

10:11 am

24 @ 050619


On the way back from the disheartening meeting with Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune thinks of their conversation. Then, he senses someone following him. Soon after, Benkei meets up with Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune tells him that there is someone following him. Then, a group of soldiers attack both Benkei and Yoshitsune. This group of soldiers is actually led by Tomoe, Yoshinaka's lover. Then, Yoshinaka arrives on a horse and stops them. He even slapped Tomoe.

Yoshinaka's army continues to bully the people in Kyoto. Goshirakawa is very displeased with Yoshinaka's imprudence. To serve Yoshinaka a warning, Goshirakawa treats Yukiie preferentially. Yoshitsune writes to Yoritomo but hesitates to report the whole truth about what Yoshinaka has been doing. Ordered by Goshirakawa, Yukiie chases after the Heike family. However, Yukiie loses the battle in no time and runs away. The Heike family are happy with the victory led by Tomomori.

Yoshinaka found out that Goshirakawa has given Yukiie power and is very angry. He stormed into Goshirakawa's imperial villa and tried to find him. Feeling uneasy to know that Yoshinaka has found out his conspiracy with Yukiie, Goshirakawa sends his aid, Tairano Tomoyasu to see how Yoshinaka reacts. Yoshinaka insults Tomoyasu, which worsens the relationship between Goshirakawa and Yoshinaka. Yoshinaka toppled the mini-table for placing wine, placed it on his shoulder and used the table surface as a drum. (Huh? Erm..sorry but I don't know what the meaning is. I just know that Yoshinaka is mocking Tomoyasu and also Goshirakawa.)

Goshirakawa secretly starts gathering armed monks to oppose Yoshinaka. Realizing that Yoshinaka would be put into a corner, Yoshitsune tries to see him again to remonstrate with him. Despite Yoshitsune’s concern, Yoshinaka attacks the imperial villa where Goshirakawa has hidden in. He also burns the villa. He confines Goshirakawa to house arrest.

Around that time, Noriyori comes to Omi bringing Yoritomo’s order to proceed to a battle against Yoshinaka.

PS: Next week, see Yoshitsune in battle!!! And I think Yoshitsune will meet his mother, Tokiwa again?? O-tanoshimi~~~


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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