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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

2:10 am

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Noriyori discusses the battle plan with Yoshitsune and others in the Genji camp. Noriyori delegates the task of fighting Yoshinaka to Yoshitsune. When Yoshitsune's retainers find out, all are so elated and excited. Benkei even congratulated Yoshitsune. (These men are nuts I tell you. So excited to go to battle. ~__~''')

At the Yoshinaka camp, Yoshinaka is told that Yukiie has ran off/disappeared. Yoshinaka is furious. To defeat Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune heads for Kyoto leading Genji’s army. Together with the support of his retainers, Yoshitsune defeats Yoshinaka’s army at Uji River. However, they realise that Yoshinaka, Tomoe and Tomoe's brother are not leading the soldiers in battle. Yoshitsune senses seomthing amiss and immediately tells his retainers to ride with him to Yoshinaka's villa. They went to Yoshinaka's villa to look for him but he has already left. After the battle, Yoshitsune enters Kyoto and succeeds in saving Goshirakawa who was under house arrest by Yoshinaka. Goshirakawa was terrifed at first because he thought it was Yoshinaka who came to attack him. Then Yoshitsune bowed in respect and introduced himself. Goshirakawa was very impressed with Yoshitsune and likes him immediately. (Who wouldn't?!?! *LOL*)

Driven from the capital, Yoshinaka is on the run with Tomoe and Tomoe's brother. (I think he's Tomoe's brother?) He tells Tomoe to stay behind alone as he does not want to implicate her. Tomoe refuses and cries, but stays behind in the end. She tried to stop a group of Genji army from chasing after Yoshinaka and her brother. She fights them off and runs away. Still on the run, it begins to snow. A group of Genji army finally manages to catch up with Yoshinaka and Tomoe's brother. Yoshinaka knows his time is near. He decides to charge towards the enemy. He is killed by a single arrow shot at the centre of his forehead. Tomoe's brother put his sword through his throat and killed himself. (It is considered more honourable to kill oneself than to get killed by one's enemies.)

Goshirakawa rewards Yoshitsune for saving him as appointing him as the guard of the Imperial Palace. Thus, Yoshitsune settles into Kyoto and spends days in peace for a while. Yoshitsune is informed of Yoshinaka's death. He is upset as Yoshinaka is his cousin after all. Yoshitsune parades in the streets of Kyoto. The people bow in respect as he helped the people to oust Yoshinaka the bully out of Kyoto. Utsubo and Otoku are also in the crowd. Later, Kichiji and his wife have a homecoming + celebratory party for Yoshitsune and his retainers. His retainers realise that the house has many new belongings put at one side. Kichiji tells them that the new house furniture were from the Heike house. Then, the tv camera showed that the screen which Yoshitsune drew the sun on was also among the things in Kichiji's house!! But Yoshitsune did not notice it at all. Kichiji mentions Tokiwa to Yoshitsune.

One day, Yukiie visits Yoshitsune. Hearing him speak ill of Yoshinaka, Yoshitsune gets angry about Yukiie’s embarrassing attitude. He storms out of the room. Yoshitsune is irritated with himself for engaging in such disputes among his relatives. He misses his mother, Tokiwa. He tears as he thinks of her. (Gyahhh!!~~~~~ Yoshitsune-sama!!! Don't cry!!!!!) The next day, Yoshitsune goes to see Tokiwa. Both of them are happy to see each other. (I'm really glad that they meet again. ^__^ Actually, I miss seeing Tokiwa too. *lol* Whenever there is a Yoshitsune & Tokiwa scene, it's always so heartwarming. ^__^) Yoshitsune tells Tokiwa about his retainers and even names them out one by one. Tokiwa mentions about Yoshiko (~__~) to Yoshitsune and tells him that Yoshiko decided to follow the Heike family. Although she is glad to see Yoshitsune again, Tokiwa tells Yoshitsune not to come to see her any more. Tokiwa plays the flute for Yoshitsune again. (Gyahhh!!! So sad!!!! *sobz*)

PS: SHIZUKA appears in the next episode!!!!!!! O-tanoshimi!!~~~~ (Why on earth do I feel so excited over a taiga??????!!! Can't believe myself that I'm actually so hyped up over it. *LMAO* Yappari, the powers of Yoshitsune-sama ne? fufufufu~~~~~)


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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