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Sunday, July 10, 2005

11:50 pm

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PS: Takki was choouuuuuuu kakkoii during the battle scenes!!!!!!!
Yoshitsune-sama DAISUKI!!!

Goshirakawa has issued the order to attack the Heike family, so Yoshitsune heads to Ichinotani, a natural stronghold surrounded by the sea and super steep cliffs where the Heike has positioned themselves. Tomomori, hearing that Yoshitsune’s army is approaching, sends a part of his troops to Mikusa Mountain for an ambush. Yoshitsune scents Tomomori’s tactics and send Saburo and Jiro to go become scouts. Saburo and Jiro see the Heike's preparations for battle and are shocked. They know it is difficult to defeat the Heike. They return to the Genji camp with a local hunter and his sister. With the two as guides, Yoshitsune and the rest of the Genji leaders survey the enemy position and finds out that it is hard to beat them by a frontal attack.

Back in Kyoto, Utsubo is worried about Yoshitsune going to battle. She goes to find Shizuka and they both comfort and find solace in each other. At night, Shizuka plays the flute and thinks about Yoshitsune.

Yoshitsune came up with a plan. At night, Yoshitsune and his army shoot lighted arrows at the Heike camp of the troops waiting in ambush. Benkei also leads the soldiers in beating drums and making a lot of noise. (Scare tactic kana?) All the Heike soldiers run off. Thus, the Heike camp is burnt down overnight. Therefore, by employing tactful tactics, Yoshitsune beats the Heike’s troops in Mikusa Mountain without losing his army and advances to Ichinotani. Around that time, Munemori receives a letter from Goshirakawa. In the letter, Goshirakawa tells Munemori to avoid fights and wait because Goshitakawa is working on the reconciliation between the Heike and the Genji families. Munemori believes the words of Goshiraka and is relieved, falling into Goshiraka’s trap. Thus, the battle between the Heike and the Genji begins.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army decide to attack the Heike when they least expect it, in the wee hours of the morning. With a "Katagata miaru~~~~", (the ever-famous line in Yoshitsune so far. It even made a cameo in GO! Con. *LOL*) Yoshitsune leads the army down the very steep hill. Everyone charges downhill on their horses. The hill is really very steep!! There were even a few soldiers who fell off their horses and fell. All the Heike were taken by surprise. Munemori, Tomomori and all the women including Tokiko and young Emperor Antoku were safely hideen away on Heike ships anchored slightly offshore. When Yoshitsune and the Genji army started attacking, the Heike army started retreating to the Heike ships and sailed away. Munemori watched in horror as he witnesses the defeat of the Heike army from his ship.

Yoshitsune and the Genji army return to Kyoto victorious and parades through the streets. However, Yoshitsune is not very happy as after all, he had to battle against his playmates whom he had thought were his blood brothers.


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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