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Sunday, July 17, 2005

11:50 pm

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Alert: CHILD MURDERER ON THE LOOSE!! *whips lightsaber out*

Having beaten the army of the Heike clan at Ichinotani, Yoshitsune returns to Kyoto. Shizuka meets Yoshitsune and his retainers at the door. She and Yoshitsune are so happy to see each other. (I'm happy to see both of you happy too!!! ^_^) Shizuka congratulates them on their victory.

Yoshitsune is worried about Shigehira, who used to be Yoshitsune's playmate in the Heike household. Shigehira has been held captive in the Ichinotani battle and Kajiwarano Kagetoki insists on beheading Shigehira. Yoshitsune has a suggestion and the Genji family decides to adopt Yoshitsune’s suggestion. They made Shigehira write a letter to the Heike family, offering a bargain to the Heike family to return Shigehira in exchange for the three sacred imperial treasures which the Heike family took away from Kyoto with them. The Heike family receives the letter. Shigehira's wife is very emotional and upset and pleads with Munemori to accept the bargain. However, Munemori rejects the proposal and Shigehira is sent to Kamakura by Yoritomo’s command. Yoshitsune volunteers to escort Shigehira to Kamakura. He apologises to Shizuka for leaving Kyoto so soon again but Shizuka assures him to not worry about her. Yoshitsune is very heartened that Shizuka is so understanding. (Awww...... so sweet!!!) During one of the stops along the way to Kamakura, Yoshitsune and Shigehira have a heart-to-heart talk. They both reminise about their childhood days.

In Kamakura, Yoshitsune receives praises from Yoritomo for his performance in the battle at Ichinotani and spends days peacefully for a while. Masako (stupid ebil woman... grrr...) tells Yoshitsune that Yoshitaka and her daughter miss him. So Yoshitsune goes and visit them. One night, Yoshitsune and his retainers drink and celebrate with Benkei's lover and her father being present too. Later, Benkei and his lover spend some time alone talking. (*LOL*)

One day, Yoritomo’s daughter, who has heard of Yoshinaka’s death, attempts to let Yoshitaka run away. She enlists the help of her two housemaids. During the night, one of the housemaids together with a servant manages to sneak Yoshitaka out of the house grounds. However, Yoritomo finds out and sends men out to search for them. Yoshitaka is caught and Yoritomo commands his retainers to behead Yoshitaka. Meanwhile, Yoshitsune is informed of Yoshitaka's escape and capture. He is both shocked and upset. He wanted to rush over to talk to Yoritomo but is stopped by one of Yoritomo's retainers. Even after Yoshitsune knelt and pleaded with that retainer for him to go talk to Yorimoto, he refused. The next morning, the execution of Yoshitaka is held. Benkei, Jiro and Saburo return and inform Yoshitsune of the devastating news. All of them broke down and cried. Yoshitsune goes and find Yoritomo's daughter. He happens to see her crying and wanting to rush out of the house to find Yoshitaka. Upon seeing Yoshitsune, she blamed him for not stopping her father's cruel decision. Then, Yoritomo asks to see Yoshitsune. Yoritomo tries to make Yoshitsune see his side of reason. In the end, Yoshitsune leaves with a heavy heart and is very upset by the events that have taken place. Soon after, Yoshitsune and his retainers leave to return to Kyoto.


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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