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Sunday, July 31, 2005

11:40 pm

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Yoritomo is angry with Yoshitsune for accepting the appointment from Goshirakawa without approval from Yoritomo. With the appointment, Yoshitsune's status and position is now only slightly below Yoritomo's.

Moe appears in today episode but only says one line. ^^;;; Utsubo suudenly charges into Yoshitsune's house to find Yoshitsune about Shizuka. However, Saburo, Jiro and Kisanta manage to stop Ustubo in time. Upon hearing the commotion, Shizuka comes out. The two women have a heartfelt talk. I think Utsubo feels unjust for Shizuka now that Moe is to be married to Yoshitsune. However, Shizuka explains to Utsubo that she is fine and accepts her status and position.

Meanwhile, Tomomori and Noriyori are engaged in battle. Being excluded from the Genji army, Yoshitsune spends days in Kyoto busy cracking down burglars. To stop their violence, Yoshitsune asks for help from one of his old acquaintances who holds control of the underworld. (Remember the old man in the wheelchair? Yeah, he's the gang ring leader. *lol*) With his aid, Yoshitsune persuades the leaders of the thieves out of burglaries. Goshirakawa, who is pleased to see Kyoto regain peace, proposes further promotion for Yoshitsune. Yoshitsune writes to Yoritomo and asks him for approval. Sensing Goshirakawa's real intention and feeling angry at Yoshitsune for being blind to Goshirakawa's trick, Yoritomo does not reply.

Yoshitsune is summoned by Goshirakawa for a talk. Goshirakawa talks about Tokiwa. Yoshitsune feels an affinity with him, which is all part of Goshirakawa's plot to get Yoshitsune on his side. (Yoshitsune is now addressed as "Kuro Shogun Yoshitsune". As a show of a raise in status, he now wears a outer layer of white costume and red collar on top of whatever he is wearing inside. His hat is now also taller and the tip is more pointed now as well.)

Hime (Yoritomo's and Masako's daughter) is sick in bed. Masako is worried and goes see her. Hime only utters one word, "Yoshitaka-sama....". She is pining for Yoshitaka. Masako tells Yoritomo. Yoritomo is also worried and goes see her. However, Hime continues to pine for Yoshitaka. Yoritomo and Masako hire monks to pray for Yoshitaka. Hime prays as well. However, her condition does not improve. She only shows a blank and listless expression.

Without Yoritomo’s agreement, Goshirakawa pushes through with Yoshitsune's second promotion. Yoritomo is further irritated with Yoshitsune for having accepted the position. However, hearing that Noriyori is putting up a hard fight, Yoritomo orders Yoshitsune to rejoin the army to fight against the Heike family. When Goshirakawa informs Yoshitsune about Yoritomo's decision, Yoshitsune is extremely happy to be included back in the Genji army.


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