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Sunday, July 24, 2005

11:55 pm

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Yoshitsune tries to recruit new soldiers in Kyoto but finds it difficult as he has no official rank. Meanwhile, Goshirakawa receives a letter from Yoritomo. In the letter, Yoritomo recommends his retainers for official positions but the list does not include Yoshitsune’s name. Learning that Yoritomo has something against Yoshitsune, Goshirakawa comes up with an idea of exploiting Yoritomo’s feelings against Yoshitsune. Goshirakawa appoints Yoshitsune an official in charge of police affairs. Though Yoshitsune hesitates to accept the appointment without recommendation by Yoritomo, he gives in to Goshirakawa’s persuasion. Yoshitsune’s act makes Yoritomo indignant and Yoritomo excludes Yoshitsune from the operation of chasing after the Heike family.

Meanwhile, in the Heike family, one of the brothers became a monk, rowed out to sea and committed suicide by jumping into the sea. O__O''' I think he felt remorse or guilty for something.

In addition, Yoritomo sends a woman named Moe (MOE?!) to Yoshitsune and tell him to marry her. Yoshitsune is torn. However, he knows that in order to show his allegiance to Yoritomo, he has to take Moe as his wife. Shizuka learns about this. She knows that Yoshitsune has no choice. She wanted to leave. However, after the persuasion of Yoshitsune and Benkei & Co, she agrees to stay. (Hmm...Moe is supposed to be a kind woman. So there is no need to hate her. *lol* I think she is also forced into marriage? I think she will find out that Yoshitsune's love aint her soon.)

Tokiwa is in poor health. One day, she arrives at night to visit Yoshitsune. She leaves behind her last words. Just that I don't think Yoshitsune knows that she is sick. Soon after, Benkei comes to inform Yoshitsune that Tokiwa is very sick in bed. Yoshitsune rushes to go see her. He tried to wake her up but she didn't stir. Yoshitsune reminsces about him as a boy spending time with Tokiwa.


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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