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Friday, August 05, 2005

9:43 am

Shanghai Honey

I will be away from tomorrow morning (Saturday) till Wednesday night in Shanghai for a family trip. Yea, I will be away for the Zubari 3 Hr SP. *sulks in corner* But well, it's not like I get to watch it in real time anyway. It sucks that I will be away from my beloved PC and Internet though. That's what kills me. See how dependent I have become on technology? I swear, I was never this hooked. Until my love for Takki and T&T came along. The rest they say, is history. *^_^* PLUS, I'm missing an episode of Yoshitsune. *Yoshitsune-sama!~~~* Jitsuha, I didn't want to go on this trip. My mum sort of forced me to go. x_x Cos it's been quite some time that our family didn't go on a trip together. The past few years, I've been travelling with my friends instead. ^^;;; So my mum was hollering at me to go along on this trip. I was lamenting that I didn't have money to go and she said that she was paying for it. Well, that helps I guess. ^^;;; But I still feel guilty. It's still $ you know. Even though she's paying for me, why spend $ to go somewhere I don't really wana go? Ma, please contribute the $ generously to my japan + concert fund?? Onegaishimasu?~~~ Yea, I wish. If I really told her that, she will really holler at me till no end. X_X

So, please take care of yourselves in the meantime fellow fans! *LOL* Stay good, and perhaps eat some ramen? *ROFLMAO* Sorry I won't be able to upload Epi 31 of Yoshitsune! I hope I will be able to get some access to the Internet at the hotel. I need to know what's going on in the fanworld! I'm sure there will be Internet ccess... hmm.. I just hope it won't be at exorbitant prices. *cross fingers*

PS: I don't think Takki will be going to China again right? Not that I will be able to see him, but the thought of at least being on the same land, in the same country as him gets me all moe~~~ *LOL* Okok, I know I'm hopeless!!! *whacks meself*

PSS: Takkicon dates?


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