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Monday, August 15, 2005

1:06 pm

32 @ 050814 [Battle of Yashima]

For starters, I cut out Yoichi's part. Here: + ONE + TWO +

Episode 32: + ONE + TWO + THREE + FOUR + FIVE + SIX +

(Full Credits: Snuffles My recording device decided to play up on me on this super ultra important episode. My recording was fine for Yoichi's part. So I could upload that first (see above) Thank goodness both of us always record so we have back-ups. *lol* Snuffles has kindly uploaded hers for me this week. Arigatou gozaimashita~ If anyone needs an reupload for Yoichi's part or the whole episode, do let me know. Tip: If the clip stalls abit, just fwd it a sec.)

Yoshitsune and his troops experience a huge storm at sea. As the wind was getting too strong for the sails and holding the ship back, Yoshitsune used his sword to make two big slits to allow the wind to pass through the sails. Getting through the storm, Yoshitsune and his troops reach Yashima.

At Yashima, someone arrives to assist them in the local geographical terrain. They discuss their battle plan. In the Heike camp, Munemori and the others see a huge fire and hears cries and shouting in the distance. They now know that the Genji army is here and they prepare for battle. However, Yoshitsune and the Genji army still manage to attack them by surprise. The Heike army has part of their troops on the shore of Yashima and other reinforcements on ships nearby. Once they saw that the Genji army has launched an attack, reinforcements arrive by sea.

Inside the Heike camp, Tokiko, the other women and the young Emperor Antoku escape, bringing along with them the three treasures. When Yoshitsune and his retainers charge into the Heike camp, the whole Heike family were not there anymore. By the time Yoshitsune went back to the shore of Yashima, the Heike troops had all retreated by sea. Yoshitsune stopped his troops from chasing after them.

After a tense standoff, Tokiko comes up with an idea to measure Yoshitsune’s ability. She sends one of their boats with Yoshiko standing at the bow, holding a pole with a fan at the tip. Seeing this, Yoshitsune understands that the Heike family is provoking the Genji’s troops to shoot the fan. It would be an insult to the Genji army if they could not shoot the fan and that would help to restore some pride to the Heike army. Thus, Yoshitsune tells his retainers to send word to the whole Genji army to find the best archer that they have. In total, four people came forward. Among them, Nasuno Yoichi was the youngest and lowest ranked. Thus, no one felt that he was qualified enough to take up the challenge. But Yoichi showed the most character and attitude. In the end, Yoshitsune picked Yoichi over the rest to undertake this important challenge.

Yoichi got unto a horse and rode out to the edge of the sea. Everyone, including both the Genji and Heike clan wait with anxiousness to see if Yoichi could shoot the fan. This is because it concerns the pride of both clans. Yoichi pulled his arrow across his bow and waited for the wind to stop. In that spilt second that the wind paused, he let fly his arrow. The arrow hit the tip of the fan and dislodged it from the pole. The fan flew up and away and fell into the ocean. The whole Heike clan was shocked that their idea to insult the Genji backfired. Yoshitsune and the Genji army cheered from the shore of Yashima. Yoshitsune smiled at Yoichi. Yoichi nodded his head in thanks. He dismounted from the horse and knelt in front of Yoshitsune. To honour Yoichi, Yoshitsune gave Yoichi a sword in thanks. Yoichi accepted the sword and got up, to many cheers from Yoshitsune's retainers. Yoshitsune realises that Yoshiko is his half-sister and worries for her safety as she sails back to the main ship with the now empty pole.

At night, Saburo goes to the camp of a local ruling family who owns a fleet of boats. He succeeds in winning them over to help the Genji. Yoshitsune brings his troops and charges into a Heike house. However, the Heike army surrounds them. A fierce battle resumes. Sato Tsugunobu sees arrows aimed at Yoshitsune and stands in front of Yoshitsune to save him. Thus, Tsugunobu falls. Just the same time, Saburo arrives with the local ruling family and his followers to help save Yoshitsune and the others. Sensing that they are out-numbered, the Heike retreats. Tsugunobu is passing away fast and he speaks his last words with Ysohitsune and all the other followers. Everyone cries as Tsugunobu passes away.

The Heike clan has suffered yet another defeat. They are upset as their ships sail away from Yashima. Although the Genji clan has won, the victory at Yashima has come at a great price of losing one of Yoshitsune's close retainers.

PS: Although the rating increased from last week, it still ain't that great. This was a great episode imho. Yoichi appeared and Tsugunobu passed away, which is a landmark event in the history of Yoshitsune. The Battle of Yashima itself is a landmark event in Yoshitsune. Most importantly, Takki had said that he cried a whole year's of tears for this scene in one of his previous Takirens. And indeed, he really cried quite a bit. The scene was really sad. I bawled as well.


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