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Monday, August 22, 2005

10:18 am

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After the battle at Yashima, the Heike clan has fled further to the west. Thinking that the next battle would take place at sea, Yoshitsune suggests at a tactics meeting that they should make more local navies the Genji’s ally. However, he is criticized by Kagetoki for making the proposal without any means to realize it.

Saburo first volunteers to go to Kumano to persuade Tanzo (anyone watched Engine, the most recent Kimutaku's dorama? The actor as Tanzo is the father of Kimutaku in Engine), the leader of Kumano's strong fleet to help the Genji. But Benkei wants to go instead. He wants to to help Yoshitsune very much. Although the other retainers of Yoshitsune disagree because Benkei is poor at negotiation, Yoshitsune lets him go to Kumano alone. Everyone is worried for Benkei and also the task at hand.

At Kumano, Benkei is refused entry into Tanzo's house. Tanzo's retainers fight Benkei when Benkei refuses to leave. However, Benkei fights all of them off single-handedly. (There was even a Benkei look-alike with similar build, size, clothes, hairstyle etc!!! *ROFL*) Tanzo is actually inside the house engaging in cock fighting. Tanzo's retainers come and tell him that there is a guy outside looking for him. Beneki can be heard making a din outside, wanting to see Tanzo. Tanzo's retainers go out to fight him again. Benkei manages to fight them all off once again. This time, he even manages to enter the house. Beneki starts explaining and convincing Tanzo to become the Genji's ally.

However, Tanzo rejects to side the Genji family, feeling indebted to Kiyomori. Suddenly, Chidori appears in Tanzo's house. (I think it has something to do with her father that she is there.) In the end, the 2 men decide to by using a cock fight. Unfortunately, Benkei loses the cock fight. Benkei was very upset, thinking that he has failed in his mission to help Yoshitsune. However, Tanzo had a change of mind and handed Benkei a letter stating that he would help the Genji clan. Benkei was very shocked and thrilled that he has in fact succeeded. Benkei immediately proceeded to rush back to tell Yoshitsune the good news. Before leaving, Benkei and Chidori agree to meet again in Kamakura.

Yoshitsune and his retainers are at sea in the chase after the Heike. They meet Benkei halfway along the way along one of the shores. Everyone was extremely happy to see Benkei again and vice versa. Benkei waved the letter that he had happily in the air to show that he had succeeded in his task. Yoshitsune was very happy too.

SC: Yoshitsune-sama!!~~~~ Episode 35 mitaiiii~~~~~~ Your flying is WOAH~ albeit chotto unreal. But I am a biased fan. KAKKOII~~~~ (^^;;;) Takki, you didn't have to be so obvious did you? *thud* We all know how much you like P. And of course P, we all know that you like Takki A LOT as well. *lol* Jin, yes, that is so true. EVERYONE likes Takki desho? *rofl*

PS: Takkicon dates wa?


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