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Monday, March 27, 2006

9:06 pm

Enbujou Updates

Johnnys-Net has updated with more photos for sale @ Enbujou! Now the number of photos for sale is more than 50! Wow!! I know Shock has more than 95 photos, but 50 is already a lot!!! Oh my gosh... Koichi and Takki fans are all going to be really broke!!

Also, there is a new pop-up message @ Johnnys-Net about counterfeit tickets!! Gosh! How did these people make counterfeit tickets??!! Also, I wonder how did the staff manage to check? Usually, they do not really look at the tickets very closely when tearing them off I think?

Found a English article regarding Enbujou resuming after the fire. it's really short, but it includes the cause of the fire and also Takki's thank you to the staff who helped to resume Enbujou so quickly.

Credits: Yomiuri (English)

Kame and Jin surprised Takki by attending Enbujou on the re-opening day (25th March). They went on stage and presented Takki with a bouquet of flowers. Of course they took the opportunity to promote their new album too. But more than that, I think it's really such a nice gesture for them to appear and support Takki. Thank you Kame and Jin!!!

Takki must have felt so down after the fire incident plus seeing fans turn up at the theatre for refunds. It must have really broke his heart to see things turn out this way!!! Especially after putting in so much effort, time, training, sweat, heart and soul into Enbujou!!! I really hope Takki felt much better after Kame's and Jin's visit and show of support!!!

Takki, ganbare!!!!

Credits: Nikkan Sports + Yomiuri + Sanspo + Daily + Chunichi

Guess what else I found @ Yahoo Auctions? I think it's the promotion pamphlet.

Takki!!!! Who can resist NOT buying the Meiji Amino Collagen??!! I want mine!!!!


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