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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

12:25 am

TAIHEN ne~~~

What a tiringgggg day for me today~~~~ First, I had a meeting cum discussion with my big boss (aka the MD of my company) at NINE am in the morn! Fortunately, I was not the only one present in the meeting. My other colleague was present too. Ok, it's not like we got reprimanded or anything. Just that, u know, a meeting with the MD of your company can be quite stressful. What if he asked u sthg n u DIDNT noe the ans? It doesnt reflect well on u when u cant ans your superior deshou? Well, luckily he didnt ask me any qns which I didnt noe how to ans *phew* But yea, my MD was kinda pushing for submission datelines for certain things. So, it was definitely TAIHEN So, my colleague and I were giving looks to each other occasionally like "Oh no, great.... bleah..." U noe, bosses just want things DONE. They DO NOT care how it is going to get done as long as the results are produced. So, bosses ALWAYS set such disgusting datelines and INSISTS that we meet the dateline. It's either do or die. grrr... So, yea. I ended up working late till 9.30pm. Ok, that's not my latest knock-off time so far. But's still late. And I didnt eat dinner till I came home at abt 10pm. Fortunately for me, I called my dad who was free enough to pick me up from work and came home for a late dinner. But by that time, I was too tired to feel much hunger and just ate abit.

I am betting that tml's gona b another taihen day. (How I envy you Yvie!!! A full-time fangurl is an excellent choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

urgh...watever... -____- *grabs a few tranquilizer pills from nere and gulps them down* I desperately need that nere!!! With work being crappy and the news from nere that

TAKKI CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nooooo........ PLS PLS PLS DO NOT do anything drastic to your hair Takki!!!!! It's so sara sara now that all of us are totally in love with it and you wana cut it?!! Pls.....the most....just a trim? I love his hair now that it's long and sara!! I think I have enough stress and worries for a day *sob sob*

PS: OMG nere!!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your Yoshitsune site!!!!!!!!! It's really great!! U must have spent such a looongggg time setting up the site! After setting this blog, I have learnt how to appreciate the internet technology of building websites etc. I know I will take ages to achieve what nere has done! wow wow wow!!!! *clap clap clap* Honto ni subarashi!!!!


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