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Thursday, December 08, 2005

11:04 am

Takitsuba New Single!

Note: This entry has been bumped up because I editted the songlist. The rumour I heard yesterday about Venus being sung in 3 other languages is TRUE!

Takitsuba has a new single coming up!

They heard our cries + wishes!

The new single will be entitled:


Limited Press
Price - 1680yen
Includes a DVD
The DVD will feature a furitsuke video, which is like an instruction video on how to do the dance moves to "Venus".

1. Venus (TV CM song for Mumo, a kettai music site owned by Avex)
2. Kimi no na wo Yobitai (Takki's solo for the ending theme of the variety show Zubari Iu Wa Yo]
3. Never Ever (Tsubasa's solo for opening theme of the anime Capeta)
4. Venus (Korean)
5. Venus (Chinese)
6. Venus (Thai)
7. Venus (Karaoke)

First Press
Price - 1260yen
Includes a keitai strap

Regular Press
Price - 1260yen
Includes a bonus track

All 3 versions will have a different cover jacket.
Release Date: 2006/01/18


A furitsuke video!!! I would love to see Takitsuba teaching the dance moves to their new single!! I'm imagining them to be baka and cute in the video already!

And Takitsuba singing in 3 DIFFERENT OTHER languages! I think this is really a breakthrough for them! I'm feeling really proud and happy for them! Plus, does this mean that they are FINALLY somewhat acknowledging some of their international fans by releasing Venus in 3 other languages? Demo, ano, why no eigo Ain't eigo the most widely used international language around? Ok, but I shouldn't complain so much ne. This is start...a start... FINALLY

THANK U SO MUCH TAKITSUBA And Avex of course. This makes me just wana support and love Takki and Takitsuba even more! I feel more confident about the letters now! Minna, we would really appreciate all the help we can get! Thank you so much! Pls read 2 posts below for more details on sending the letters!

Credits: 2ndFace, rumours from other sources


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