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Friday, January 27, 2006

1:54 am

Venus Multi-Language

[Added Thai romanization on 04/02/06)

Venus [Thai]

Siang Pleng Sa Toun Sa Tan Nai Jai
Klang Kam Kuen Rao Ron Dung Phai
Jai Tuk Lhom La Lai Pai Kub Ther
Pob Kon Mak My Tae Mai Kery Jer
Kai Tee Tam Hai Phun La Mer
Phao Pham Pher Mhuen Ther Phu Diaw
Mai Wa Ja Pen Jing Rhue Kae Phan
Kor Poi Hai Man Pen Tam Chok Cha Ta
Rao Song Tong Pug Pan Sa Wan Kam Nhod Ma
Piang Kea Ther Mong Ta Lok Mai Pen Muen Derm

Chorus 1:
Chan Rak Ther Venus Chan Rak Ther Venus
Pra Kai Sai Ta Ther La Lai Hua Jai
Bon Tang Dern Luen Lang Dai Tea Mung Nha Pai
Mua Lung Le Jai Ad Tam Ther Mai Tan

Chorus 2:
Chan Rak Ther Venus Chan Rak Ther Venus
Ther Tam Hai Pob Jer Kam Tob Sam Kan
Roung Diaw Tee San Sai Ma... Nan
Wa Chan Nan Dai Kerd Ma Phou Rak Ther

Yim Ther Sa Toun Sa Tan Ar Rom
Ther Bad Jai Duay Sai Ta Kom
Won Lum Lhong Pa Wong Mai Soum Klai
Mai Keng Mai Kua Mai Son A Rai
Jai Long Loy Kerm Pai Klai
Phao Kung Kai Tueng Ther Phu Diaw
Yak Yu Kab Ther Tueng Mea Kae Tae Phan
Mai Whan Wa Wan Pung Nee Pen Yang Rai
Ja Rai Rue Ja Dee Lok Nee Mea Dab Pai
Yung Kor Aao Duang Jai Siang Kab Ther Mhoun Derm

Credits of Thai romanization: Bee

Venus [Mandarin]

KISS中睜開雙眼 CHA・CHA的節奏狂野
KISS zhong zheng kai shuang yan CHA.CHA de jie zhou kuang ye
曖昧的 甜蜜午夜 Midnight
ai mei de tian mi wu ye Midnight
挑逗著心不在焉 偽裝著天真無邪
tiao dou zhe xin bu zai yan wei zhuang zhe tian zhen wu xie
遙遠的 異國明月 Moonlight
yao yuan de yi guo ming yue Moonlight

shi cheng xiang shi meng zhong de shi jie
ming zhong zhu ding chong yan de lun hui
眼花撩亂之間 一切瞬息萬變
yan hua liao luan zi jian yi qie shun xi wan bian
誘惑在 光影間 若隱若現
you huo zai guang ying jian ruo ying ruo xian

Chorus 1:
熱情的Venus 燃燒吧Venus
re qing de Venus ran shao ba Venus
妳眼神中的美 讓我的心撒野
ni yan shen zhong de mei rang wo de xin sa ye
絲路漫長蜿蜒 愛情沒有終點
si lu man chang wan yan ai qing mei you zhong dian
不確定的徘徊 現在就告別
bu que ding de pai hui xian zai jiu gao bie

Chorus 2:
熱情的Venus 感動吧Venus
re qing de Venus gan dong ba Venus
妳的魅力蔓延 像暴風般侵略
ni de mei li man yan xiang bao feng ban qin lue
zui hou de da an ni zui liao jie
愛的誘惑光線 好耀眼
ai de you huo guang xian hao yao yan

危險的 紅唇滋味 喝下了一口就醉
wei sian de hong chun zi wei he xia le yi kou jiu zui
突襲的衝動刀劍 傷了誰
tu xi de chong dong dao jian shang le shui
戀愛的瘋狂表現 赤裸的自我呈現
lian ai de feng kuang biao xian chi luo de zi wo cheng xian
遙遠的 異國之約 Rendezvous
yao yuan de yi guo zi yue Rendezvous

wu cai bin fen zhen zhu de guang hui
shen bu you ji shi ai zai zhuo sui
透明呼吸之間 一切瞬間消滅
tuo ming hu xi zi jian yi qie shun jian xiao mie
像沙漠的慾念 可望無限
xiang sa mo de yu nian ke wang wu xian

Chorus 1
Chorus 2


Credits of original Mandarin lyrics: Lain
Romanization: Loracyn


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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

11:53 am

Venus hits 106,000!!!

VENUS HITS 106,000 sales!!!!


Finally!!!! This is really such a happy news!!! Let's celebrate!!! Minna, thank you for supporting and buying Venus!


Credits: Venus on Oricon


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

9:26 am

Takki and Jackie Chan

Notes from the article (I mainly only translated the parts related to Takki):

1) Macau's Grand Emperor Entertainment Hotel was opened yesterday. The rich and famous in Macau along with Jackie Chan, Hideaki Takizawa, Twins, Rong Zu-er (Joey) gathered for the ribbon cutting ceremony. They even went to the casino to try their luck.

2) Jackie Chan is one of the shareholders of the hotel.

3) It was raining yesterday and some performances which were intially scheduled, were cancelled.

4) The boss of Emperor Entertainment Group sponsored everyone HK$1000 chips to try their luck in the casino. Because of the great atmosphere and luxurious decoration of the new casino, although Hideaki Takizawa lost the initial sponsered amount of HK$1000, he wanted to play somemore. Hideaki Takizawa showed his support of the newly opened hotel and casino with action. Thus, the staff helped to withdraw HK$18,000 cash from his credit card to exchange for chips for him to carry on playing in the main big hall.

5) Jackie Chan is waiting in anticipation/interested/eager to work with Hideaki Takizawa. After playing (gambling), Hideaki Takizawa, with the accompaniment of Jackie Chan, accepted interviews from the press and also promoted the new single (of Venus).

Hideaki Takizawa said straightforwardly that he really wants to act in an action film. Ever since young, Hideaki Takizawa has always had a wish to work with Jackie Chan, a superstar. Jackie Chan praised that Hideaki Takizawa has dancing background, thus, is very suitable to act in action movies. Jackie Chan himself is also interested to work with Hideaki Takizawa. Now, they only have to wait for a script from the Jimusho. If it is suitable, the deal will be agreed upon. Jackie Chan added that if there is a chance, he wishes to bring Hideaki Takizawa to Hollywood.

OMG a HK action movie?! HOLLYWOOD?!

PS: There are pictures of Takki in the articles too! Takki in a tux!!! The article by Oriental Daily has such a baka picture of Takki!!!! Kawaii!!!! And the article by Orisun has pictures of Takki and Jackie Chan!!! Sugoi!!!

Credits of original article: Oriental Daily & Orisun

The Japanese press has also reported about Takki in HK and also of Jackie Chan and Takki acting in an action movie together. The Japanese reports are more detailed about the movie.

Takki will be acting in a Jackie Chan movie to be shown internationally next year. Currently, the Jimusho is still waiting for the script but has commented that Takki can take on roles in a modern or period setting. (You bet he sure can!) The duo will be releasing the movie under the name of Jackie & Tackie (Ano... why "Tackie" of all the names? Yes, I know "Jackie" and "Tackie" kinda rhymmes... but... chotto... ) Takki has to learn Cantonese and speak both Japanese and English in the movie. Jackie had known Johnny Kitagawa for about 30 years. Kitagawa brought Jackie Chan to watch Dream Boy in 2004. That was how Takki was picked to star in the new movie. Jackie Chan and Takki met each other for the first time on yesterday (19th Jan) on Jackie's wife's birthday party.

OOOOMMMMMGGGGG *totally speechless*

Credits: Yomiuri & Sanspo & Sponichi


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Friday, January 20, 2006

9:19 am

Takki in HK TODAY!

Live report updates from friends in HK! Will update as and when I get more news!

1) Takki arrived in HK yesterday afternoon (18/01/2006) on Cathay Pacific at about 1300hours.

2) Takki checked into a very expensive hotel which my friend says the cheapest room is about 250,000 yen per night!!!! (I think it's the hotel that he will be attending the opening ceremony for)

3) Takki was very very yasashii at the airport!!! He was smiling all the way and he acknowledged and smiled at the fans who called his name!!!! He even shook a few lucky fans's hands!!!

4) Takki had dinner with Jackie Chan yesterday!!!!

5) Takki will meet 30 lucky fans for a private event on board a ship. THIRTY?!!! OMG!!!! How close will these 30 people be to Takki

6) The opening ceremony for the hotel will be at 1300hours.

For pictures of Takki arriving in the HK airport, please go here: Bee&Jan's BBS

Credits: Momo, Karen, Joan, Bee

For HK news article and a picture of Takki in his hotel room, please go here: Takki in HK

Notes of the article:

1) Takki had the interview with the reporter yesterday. He was very polite and friendly. He did not put on any airs at all.

2) Takki will be in HK/Macau for 3 days 2 nights.

3) After the interview yesterday, Takki went to Tsim Tsa Tsui for food.

4) Takki will have a press interview this evening in HK on-board a ship to promote Venus.

Translation of the interview:

Reporter: The new song [Venus] will be sung in 4 differnt languages. Which country's language did you find the most difficult to handle?

Takki: It should be Mandarin.

Reporter: What is your impression of Hong Kong?

Takki: A few years ago, I came to Hong Kong to shoot a dorama. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to stay for long. So I have not been around to see Hong Kong. But I think the food is very delicious in Hong Kong.

Reporter: 2 years ago, you went to a Shaolin temple to practice skills for a TV program. You are very interested in Chinese martial arts skills?

Takki: I myself like Chinese martial arts skills a lot.

On Takki's thoughts of starring in a Hong Kong based movie/film...

Reporter: If you are invited to shoot a Hong Kong action movie/film, do you have the confidence to act in one?

Takki: If there is a chance, of course I will!

Reporter: What do you feel is the difference between Hong Kong actresses and Japanese actresses?

Takki: Just now, in the car on the way from the airport to the hotel, I saw many billboards/advertisements on the facade of buildings. In the billboards/advertisements, I realised that Hong Kong actresses are very pretty. They are very different from the typical Japanese actress's cute image.

Reporter: What do you think of Taiwan's Roy Chiu? He is claimed to be "Taiwan's Hideaki Takiwaza".

Takki: ?? I have never heard of this/him?? (Takki laughs.)

Reporter: He has recently went to Japan to do promotion.

Takki: (Reporter hands Takki a picture of Roy Chiu) Fufufu~~~~ (pointing to the picture) Actually, he looks more like Domoto Koichi right?

Thoughts on a concert tour...

Reporter: Going to Macau to be a special guest for the Grand Emperor Hotel opening ceremony, have you ever been to Macau?

Takki: This is my first time going to Macau.

Reporter: Will you go to the casino to play gambling?

Takki: I want to try. But there might not be enough time. Unfortunately, perhaps next time!

Reporter: Will you be busy when you return to Japan?

Takki: I will have a musical in March and April. The storyline is about Japanese history.

Reporter: For this coming year, what will be the progress for Takitsuba (in terms of singing)?

Takki: I do not know yet. But there will definitely be a Takitsuba concert tour.

Reporter: Any plans on having a concert in Hong Kong?

Takki: I really want to have a concert in Hong Kong. Actually, at every concert (in Japan), there are always Hong Kong and Taiwan fans who come to support.

PS: Pls *DO NOT* post this translation anywhere else without asking me first! Thank you!


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

7:06 am

Venus is No. 1

Takitsuba, Omedetou Gozaimasu! Venus is No. 1 on its release day at Oricon charts!!!

Also, I found these at Yahoo! Auctions.

[The back cover of the CD + DVD edition]

[CD + Kettai Strap - black]

[CD + Kettai Strap - blue]

[CD + Kettai Strap - pink]

PINKU PINKU PINKU!!!!! *cross my fingers + toes for a pink kettai strap*


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Thursday, January 12, 2006

7:27 pm

Takki to attend Hotel Opening Ceremony


Notes about the article:

1) Grand Emperor Entertainment Hotel Opening next friday (20th January) 20 million (Hong Kong dollars I believe) was spent on the opening

2) Takki will attend the opening with Jackie Chan and Jacky Cheung

3) It is said that Takki's idol is Jackie Chan and that Takki loves to watch his action films so this is a rare chance for Takki to meet him! (Takki's idol is Jackie Chan Hontou desuka? Hmm... interesting... I didn't know that! But of course it's not that surprising because Takki is quite a gym enthuasist and loves pro-wrestling ne. )

4) Takki will go on this trip with Johnny Kitagawa himself They will lead a team of Fuji TV crew and many other Japanese reporters to cover the event. (OMG! Kitagawa is going?! But I seriously doubt he will expose himself to the media. He will most probably hide in the background. But OMG! Takki is going with Kitagawa! I think it's pretty stressful to go along with your boss desho? Kinchou shimasu ne... )

5) It is Takki's first time in Macau and he will stay for 2 nights in Macau. (Wana bet he's sponsered a room in the hotel itself? ) Then, Takki will go to Hong Kong to attend another press promotion event.

6) The article briefly mentioned that Takki is claimed to be Takuya Kimura's successor. Takki shot to fame by starring in the classic dorama [Majo no Jouken] and he is in the unit with Imai Tsubasa forming "Tackey and Tsubasa". He is very popular in the Asian region. The article says that it is believed that Takki's presence in Macau and Hong Kong will attract many fans to go 'idol-chasing'.

7) Besides Japan, Korea is sending a few big stars as well. (Erm, I don't know the names of Korean stars so...gomen ne! I only know a star from the popular Korean drama "Stairway to Heaven" is attending the event? Don't know the other names mentioned. )

8) All the stars under the Hong Kong entertainment company "Emperor Group" will attend the event. (I believe it's because Emperor Group has shares in the hotel?) Some of the stars include Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Twinz etc.

I how the article names Takki in the title as the main overseas guest star alongside with Jackie Chan. The article writes it as Takki, Jackie Chan and Jacky Cheung as the main stars attending while the other stars were added only three-quarters into the article. OMG! This event is huge! Ok, at first, I was abit negative when I heard that Takki is attending the opening of a casino. But now that I found out it's not exactly a casino but a hotel (with a casino), it's not THAT bad. Plus, so many Asian megastars are going to grace the event! OMG!! This is really huge!!!

Takki, omedetou gozaimasu!!!! This will really open up your options and opportunities so much more! It's really excellent news!!! All the press from so many countries will cover the event! It's really a huge exposure for Takki!

Credits: Takki @ Hotel Opening Ceremony


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