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Saturday, January 21, 2006

9:26 am

Takki and Jackie Chan

Notes from the article (I mainly only translated the parts related to Takki):

1) Macau's Grand Emperor Entertainment Hotel was opened yesterday. The rich and famous in Macau along with Jackie Chan, Hideaki Takizawa, Twins, Rong Zu-er (Joey) gathered for the ribbon cutting ceremony. They even went to the casino to try their luck.

2) Jackie Chan is one of the shareholders of the hotel.

3) It was raining yesterday and some performances which were intially scheduled, were cancelled.

4) The boss of Emperor Entertainment Group sponsored everyone HK$1000 chips to try their luck in the casino. Because of the great atmosphere and luxurious decoration of the new casino, although Hideaki Takizawa lost the initial sponsered amount of HK$1000, he wanted to play somemore. Hideaki Takizawa showed his support of the newly opened hotel and casino with action. Thus, the staff helped to withdraw HK$18,000 cash from his credit card to exchange for chips for him to carry on playing in the main big hall.

5) Jackie Chan is waiting in anticipation/interested/eager to work with Hideaki Takizawa. After playing (gambling), Hideaki Takizawa, with the accompaniment of Jackie Chan, accepted interviews from the press and also promoted the new single (of Venus).

Hideaki Takizawa said straightforwardly that he really wants to act in an action film. Ever since young, Hideaki Takizawa has always had a wish to work with Jackie Chan, a superstar. Jackie Chan praised that Hideaki Takizawa has dancing background, thus, is very suitable to act in action movies. Jackie Chan himself is also interested to work with Hideaki Takizawa. Now, they only have to wait for a script from the Jimusho. If it is suitable, the deal will be agreed upon. Jackie Chan added that if there is a chance, he wishes to bring Hideaki Takizawa to Hollywood.

OMG a HK action movie?! HOLLYWOOD?!

PS: There are pictures of Takki in the articles too! Takki in a tux!!! The article by Oriental Daily has such a baka picture of Takki!!!! Kawaii!!!! And the article by Orisun has pictures of Takki and Jackie Chan!!! Sugoi!!!

Credits of original article: Oriental Daily & Orisun

The Japanese press has also reported about Takki in HK and also of Jackie Chan and Takki acting in an action movie together. The Japanese reports are more detailed about the movie.

Takki will be acting in a Jackie Chan movie to be shown internationally next year. Currently, the Jimusho is still waiting for the script but has commented that Takki can take on roles in a modern or period setting. (You bet he sure can!) The duo will be releasing the movie under the name of Jackie & Tackie (Ano... why "Tackie" of all the names? Yes, I know "Jackie" and "Tackie" kinda rhymmes... but... chotto... ) Takki has to learn Cantonese and speak both Japanese and English in the movie. Jackie had known Johnny Kitagawa for about 30 years. Kitagawa brought Jackie Chan to watch Dream Boy in 2004. That was how Takki was picked to star in the new movie. Jackie Chan and Takki met each other for the first time on yesterday (19th Jan) on Jackie's wife's birthday party.

OOOOMMMMMGGGGG *totally speechless*

Credits: Yomiuri & Sanspo & Sponichi


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