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Saturday, December 24, 2005

12:49 am

Takkicon @ Osaka

Setlist (There might be a few errors in the setlist. Sorry!)

1) Futari You No Yoru
2) Balance
3) Taiyo no Ataru Basho
4) Hitomi Wo Tojite
5) MC Talk 1
6) Yoshitsune Corner
7) Here I Am
8) Fight All Night
9) 不良
10) Words of Love
11) Andalusia ni Akogarete
12) Kimi no na wo Sakebitai
13) Day By Day
14) Venus
15) MC Talk 2 & Christnas Eve
16) Junior Corner
17) Cool (Da.Ke.Do in 2nd show)
18) Ni Ju Gatsu no Hana
19) 894
20) Madonna
21) Kamen
22) One Day One Dream
23) Get Down
24) Ki.Se.Ki
25) Yume Monogatari
26) Negai

Encore 1
1) Ero Ero Dance 2005
2) Love Spiral

Encore 2 (2nd show)
1) Venus

- Backdancers: ABC, JJ Express, KisMyFt2

- Band: Five (They were wearing kimonos)

- Opening: Takki appeared from inside a cart in the centre aisle. But there was something wrong with the cart. It could not move properly. So Takki had to get down from the cart and walk to the stage and climb up the stage. Takki wore a white glittery costume similar to the opening costume of Takitsuba's Harucon 2004.

- Balance to Hitomi Wo Tojite: Takki changed his white coat to a gold glittery one and wore a cap with a pink feather sticking up. It was like a Peter Pan cap.

- Hi no Ataru Basho: Takki sat in a small red car driven by one of the juniors around the whole hall. (sorry I can't recognise most of the juniors!!) He stopped and got out to walk abit in front of the family seats. The chibikos are always so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- MC Talk 1: Takki bascially talked about the work he had done in 2005, especially Yoshitsune. He thanked everyone for their support and said that it was the first time that he had so much emotions and cried for a drama. He promoted Satomi Hakkenden too. The CM of Satomi Hakkenden was airing before the concert started as well.

- Yoshitsune Corner: Shanou-sama fighting Benkei. There was flying again, but less this time. However, the stage set-up was different. A moving bridge was built into the stage. 2 halves of the bridge came to join together and protruded abit out of the main stage. Shanou-sama and Benkei fought on the bridge. If anyone watched Takki's version of Dream Boy, the bridge is very similar to the jetty setup in Dream Boy.

Besides the infamous Shanou-Benkei bridge scene, this time, they showed Yoshitsune-sama's last scene too. Juniors fought with Benkei and "stabbed" their swords into Benkei. This was Benkei's last scene protecting Yoshitsune-sama before Yoshitsune committed suicide in the shelter. There was a paper screen showing Yoshtisune-sama behind the scene taking his own life. At the crucial moment, the paper screen ignited and burst into flames. reminds me of the scene in Yoshitsune. (T__T)

- Fight All Night: After the paper screen disappered in flames, Takki appeared at teh back stage and sang this song. He was wearing a green/army/camouflage theme. 1 side of the sleeves had a long piece of green cloth attached to it so it was moving constantly with Takki's hand. It was really interesting. I liked it! (^_^)V

- Andalusia ni Akogarete: A junior from JJ Express read Tsubasa's letter to Takki while the main screen showed past photos of Takki and Tsubasa till present day. Then, Takki performed Andalusia. Takki wore a shiny dark silver suit and a hat with hanging accessories. KAKKOII!!!! However, Takki did not take off his jacket to do the jacket move in Andalusia. But Takki did a really good job!! I was really surprised!!! Takki shows us that he can do a wide variety of songs and dance too!!! (^___^)

- Kimi no na wo Sakebitai: Today was the first time that I heard the whole Zubari ending song. It's really nice!!!!! During one of the chorus, the main screen showed ALL the names of the people who won tickets to Takkicon @ Osaka. It was like credits rolling up the screen. Takki said that the staff spent a really long time typing in all the names, preparing for this song. Wow!!! Can you imagine your name appearing on the screen? It's really such a nice gesture by Takki! I mean I know it's not him who typed all the names in. But Takki wanted to show his gratitude to everyone who came to watch his first solo concert. So he wanted the names to appear on the screen. Thank you Takki for being so thoughtful!!!!

- Day By Day: The main stage had a 3 piece white sofa set. I remember when Takki sang this song in the Sugao concert, a sofa set was also being used. Takki went round the hall with all the juniors following behind him singing this song. When Takki went round to the right side of the hall, he picked a chibiko from the family section and HELD his/her hand and led him/her to the main stage while singing the song. More juniors appeared from the door from 2nd floor and walked down to the aisle. Then, all the juniors would follow behind Takki and the SUPER LUCKY chibiko.

Takki picked a boy dressed as Shanou in the 1st show. The boy wasn't very happy to be on stage. He just wanted to go back to his mother. Takki asked who he likes\fave idol and he did not answer. Takki asked if he liked Takki and he shook his head. Then, Takki asked if he liked Tsubasa and he shook his head too. Whatever Takki asked, the boy just shook his head. (~_~) Takki picked a girl in the 2nd show. She was wearing a yumeno pink boa and was holding a Takki uchiwa. The girl was more co-operative. She said that she likes Takki and Takki immediately HUGGED her!!! KYAH!!!!!

- Venus: Takki taught everyone the hand movements to Venus. Chotto muzukashi ne!!! Takki was really cute when he teaching everyone. In the 2nd show, Takki taught a movement wrongly and was corrected by ABC. Takki said "Who's solo conccert is this? Ja, please take over!" *ROFL* Takki praised everyone in the 2nd show for doing the moves very well. Ma ne, I think it's because most of the audience were repeated from the 1st show. I think I got the hang of it now. *lol* Takki was really soooo cute when he was teaching everyone. KAWAII!!!!

- Christmas Eve: Takki sang this song because he said that it's Christmas Eve tomorrow. A junior handed him a lyric sheet but Takki only glanced a few times at it. So I presume this song was a last minute addition? In the 2nd show, he asked everyone what they are doing tomorrow. Fans shouted Kinki Kids because Kinki Kids is having a concert tomorrow in Osaka.

- Takki went round the back in a cart like usual Takitsuba practice. In the 1st show, Takki sang a song which Koki from KATTUN and him collaborated and wrote. Koki wrote the rap section. Takki kinda sang the background melody part. Takki displayed his disco scratching disc skill again. However, I think the response was not very good. So in the 2nd show, Takki sang Da.Ke.Do instead.

- Ni Ju Gatsu no Hana: I love this song!!!! It's a new song and it sounds really great!!!! I'm wondering if this is the song Tsubasa was supposed to write for him?

- Kamen: I felt that Takki was chotto sabashi yo... performing a unit song alone and I felt it was more obvious in Kamen because Takki performed the dance alone. Kamen has a few dance parts which look better when performed as Takitsuba.

- Ero Ero Dance 2005: Takki wore a black lace see through open coat with a huge yumeno pink boa with black sunglasses and a black cap with the letters "HT" on the cap. I think it's supposed to be an imitation of HG. There was a female figure on the main screen talking to Takki and inviting him. *LOL* Takki apologised after the dance "Sumimasendeshita" in the 1st show.

I felt that the ero dance this time was not that ero. I'm glad that Takki lost the net-tee that he wore previously. But I thought he could really lose that BIG FAT yumemo boa!!!! It was totally blocking the view of his abs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Takki, please more of your abs!!! It's supposed to be an ERO ERO dance yo!!!! *lol*

- Fans requested for Venus as 2nd encore in the 2nd show. He was still wearing the black lace see through coat but WITHOUT the boa! YES!!!!! (^______^) Takki sang it round the hall while trying to do the hand movements at the same time. It looked like he was having quite a difficult time. *lol*

- Takki came out for a 3rd encore hadaka. But he only came out to ask us to go home as he was worried that there would be no more trains due to bad weather conditions.

- Concert Goods:
1) Uchiwa = Takki dressed in a white top and wearing a white Christmas cap with a light blue background.
2) Poster = One is Takki dressed totally in white as Santa Claus complete with carrying a bag of presents behind him. The other is a HUGE closeup of Takki.
3) Concert Pamphlet = White thick book about half of A4 size (I have not looked through the pamphlet yet. *lol*)
4) Clear File = Closeup of Takki, similar to poster
5) Shopping Bag = White with the logo at the bottom corner and dog foot prints with a cute little picure of Hidezo at the side. Mecha mecha kawaii!!!
6) Hidezo Model = The concert good everyone was was waiting for... DID NOT ARRIVE. Due to the snow and bad weather, all the Hidezo dolls could not arrive in time for Takkicon. Everyone queued early in the morning and waited in the cold for nothing. There were fans who were quite upset about it. The staff put up signed everywhere for fans to write in to a address to request and buy the doll. Requests/orders to REACH the address by 26th December!!!! How on earth is that possible??!!! Everyone started writing down the address and using their kettai to take photo of the notice and address. This is really terrible!!! There are many overseas fans who came and now they cannot buy the Hidezo model!!!! We asked a staff and he went to enquire for us. He told us that we could send them all the contacts in Japan that we have ie. hotel name, address and telephone number. If they could send the dolls out before we leave Japan, tehy would send to the hotel. If not, they would contact us in Singapore. I have no idea how that is going to work. Will they really call us even when we are back in Singapore??? Gyahhh!!!! Hidezo mitai!!!!!!! (T_____________T)

Other than the HUGE botch-up of the Hidezo doll and that i was really very far away from Takki, I had a really great time at the concert! Though my feet hurt from standing so long and dancing to the songs and my voice is going, this is usual at concerts. *lol* Venus is catchy and though the hand movements are abit difficult at first, it's not so bad after a few practices!! Really! I think it's really fun to learn the movements with Takki and dance and sing along to the song with Takitsuba. Hmm..will Tsubasa teach the movements and sing the song in Tokyo Forum? I'm definitely looking forward to Takkicon @ Yokohama!!!

Takki, mata ne!!!!!


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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