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Monday, December 12, 2005

10:24 am

Yoshitsune Epi 49 (End)

The last episode of Yoshitsune ended last night. It ended....ENDED.... YOSHITSUNE - SAMA!!!! Takki did it! ALl of us really saw the fruit of his labour... ONE WHOLE YEAR of acting and sacrifices has come to an end! To me,


I can never see Yoshitsune in the same light again. Before the taiga, I knew totally nothing about the taiga at all. Takki starring in the lead role made me and all the Takki fans I know read up and be pretty well-versed in the history of Japan, or at the very least the history of Yoshitsune and anything related to him. I think Takki's acting in Yoshitsune has really shown the WORLD that his acting is really superb. Yes, I say the world because taigas are shown on NHK World Premium too. I'm running out of superlatives to describe Takki already. His acting in Yoshitsune has really brought me through the trials and tribulations of Yoshitsune himself. My Sundays have been really emotional for this past one year. Takki's acting has really let me feel all the emotions that he has protrayed as Yoshitsune.

Last night's episode really tore my heart. I started tearing when Utsubo visited everyone in Hiraizumi. But I think she is really lucky. At least she was the last guest to see Yoshitune just before the last battle of his life. Shizuka was not that lucky. Like what Snuffles said, we should be lucky that NHK spared us the agony of seeing Yoshitsune having to kill Moe and their children (which wasn't shown in the taiga anyway) first before taking his own life. Apparently, Yoshitsune's head was brought back to Yoritomo in Kamakura too. THANK GOODNESS they did not show all these. The part where Yoshitsune and his kerai got ready for their last battle was heart wrenching. Then, his kerai fell one by one. It was really terrible for me. I used so many pieces of tissue. When Yoshitsune told Benkei to go out of the shelter, I was sobbing already. The look Yoshitsune had in his eyes... then he put the dagger to his throat.... I still can't believe Yoshitsune has passed on. See? I can't even say the word 'd**d'... Ok, I felt the horse spirit part spoilt the atmosphere abit. But it made me understand why the white horse is featured so prominently in the opening theme. It totally makes sense now. I wonder why they used a horse? Why not another animal? If only my thesis was on Yoshitsune... I think I would have scored a distinction.

Later at night, my sis asked if I was down with a flu because my voice sounded so nasal. The morning after, I'm still feeling sad. It really feels like someone close to me has passed away. My colleague asked me just now if my eyes are swollen because they seem smaller today. The after effects of Yoshitsune.... What am I going to do on Sundays now? I really feel a sense of emptiness and lost. I have a feeling that I'm going to pay a very tearful pilgrimage to Yoshitsune in Hiraizumi in 2 weeks time.


::::::::::[loracyn loves Yoshitsune]::::::::

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