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Thursday, April 27, 2006

1:00 pm

Enbujo will be back

Sorry I've been kind of MIA for the past 2 weeks or so. Went to Takki-land with Snuffles and Syl. After we came back, I've been down with an insanely super strong flu virus which resulted in a inner ear infection. I woke up 2 days after we came back from Takki-land shivering in cold sweat and couldn't even open my eyes. Whenever I tried to open my eyes, the world around me was spinning like crazy. I couldn't even get out of bed! Whenever I tried to move an inch, my head spun and I felt like throwing up. In the end, I couldn't take it anymore and threw up. Disgustingly and left with no choice, I had to throw up into the wastepaper basket in my room. It was the nearest option I had. The toilet was too far and there was no way I could make it there. Hey, at least I didn't dirty my bedroom floor.

Yea, and I sat there throwing up for the next hour or so, till I could summon enough strength to shout for my mum to come over my room. In the end, my parents had to help me into the car and send me to the doctor asap. Unfortuntately, they both had go to work late cos of that. *gomen* The doctor gave me an injection to stop the giddiness and vomitting. Thank goodness an injection takes effect within 15 mins or so. I could finally open my eyes to look around without everywhere spinning around crazily and I finally stopped throwing up too. The doctor said that I might have gotten a flu virus in my flight back and the virus had infected my inner ear.

I thought that was the end of it. But after 2 days, a super loud ringing sound developed in my ears. What was wrong with me?? Because the ringing got worse, I got worried that my ear drums might have been affected. And so I went to visit the doctor...again... The doc said that there was some inflammation liquid in my ear, blocking my hearing and thus causing the ringing sound.

Luckily, after medication, the ringing has gradually subsided and I'm much better now. Just a little ringing left. I had wanted to post about the latest news of Enbujo and Takki's final show earlier. But I guess now is better than never?

I'll definitely be getting my butt down to doing my Enbujo report. It's just that there's so much research to do. Each scene that Takki did from the 7 different folklores are a thesis by itself!!! Not to mention that the most helpful websites are all written in Japanese!! Even Snuffles has difficulty in understanding yo!! Watashi? Dame yo... Dousho.... But I will definitely get the report done. Enbujo is really sooooooo good

Really happy to know that Enbujo will be performed next year again!! Watched the WS clips (Thanks Jan!!!) and it seemed like Matchy-san was the one who announced the news to Takki and everyone else though. But I'm sure Takki knew about it, just that Matchy-san kinda confirmed it by doing the honours of announcing it. *lol* Though... money-wise..*stares bleakly at bank account* Maa..iiya. I shall worry about the $ when the time comes.

Takki really deserves a standing ovation for every single performance of Enbujo. The entire cast of Enbujo did an excellent job too! Kudos to everyone!!! I hope Takki will have a well-deserved break for at least 1 week before he does anything again. Watching Enbujo, it's really taihen to perform 1 show of Enbujo in 1 day, let alone to perform 2 shows!!! It's no wonder that his shoulders broadened by 5cm within 2 months of performing Enbujo!! Takki's clothes had to altered 3 times within these 2 months because of that!!! But Takki really looked veryyyy good in Enbujo!!! Yes, during Diamond, I was obsessed with Takki's biceps while Snuffles was fixated with Takki's "guru guru" legs Regardless of all the 37 (if I remember correctly) costume changes that he amazingly changed into on stage and off stage, he looked great in practically every single one of them. Yes, that includes the female costumes. There was actually more than 1 female costume. Both Snuffles and I prefer the other female costume, which unfortunately was not featured in the promotional poster nor had any photos being sold when we were there.

The ad-lib scene between Yoshitsune and Benkei was a highlight in Enbujo too. It was chou hilarious for one of the shows that we went to. It was so difficult to have to act so serious just before and just after the ad-lib scene. Yoshi couldn't contain his laughter and burst out laughing when the stage lines were supposed to be serious.

Thank you to Johnny-san for letting Takki have this opportunity to perform Enbujo and for writing the script. Thank you to the person who wanted Takki to be the one to bring back life/youth to the kabuki arts world and Shinbashi Theatre. Thank you Tsubasa for finally turning up to watch and support Takki in Enbujo. Thank you Kazuko too. *lol* Thank you to all the VIPS who turned up to watch Enbujo. (Snuffles and I were wondering who else did *NOT* go and watch Enbujo.) Thank you to the entire cast of Enbujo who did a amazing job. Thank you to the juniors who backdanced and sang their hearts out in every performance, especially to that junior in ABC who did so many cartwheels in every show and who helped Takki a lot to perform his bungee jump segment.

Thank you Takki for being the person whom you are, for such a great leader and performer, caring for the feelings and opinions of all the juniors, staff, cast and everyone in the audience. (Snuffles told me that Takki had sat on the 3rd floor in Shinbashi Theatre in order to see the view of someone sitting on the 3rd floor. Thus, he made everyone on stage perform such that even someone sitting on the 3rd floor would not miss any scenes out.) Thank you for performing Enbujo with all your heart, body, mind and soul. I'm sure every single one in the audience has felt and seen all your effort, hard work and training put into such an excellent show.

Takki, thank you!!!!!


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