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Thursday, January 27, 2005

9:30 am

Takki New Hair!!!!! \ ^ - ^ /

Ok, need to BREATHE (breathe in and out, in and out, in and out) first.....get a grip on myself. *nosebleeds a river* Just saw...................................

Takki's NEW hairstyle!!!

Bee sent me 2 links which &@$^#%7*&^#%^@*@#$% *flatline* just killed me at work. Oh yea, I am at work now. But I cannot, couldnt, just can't resist blogging or else I will just have to run to the toilet to start screaming and kyahhing away. ROFL~~ (yep see, I cant even roll on the floor to laugh in office. x___X Well, at least if i was at home, I could have been grinning away like a cheshire cat from ear to ear and no one would bat an eyelid. Erm....maybe because I am like that practically every night???? LMAO~~ and here in office, I have to control myself and cant kayh properly and cant grin away or my colleagues/bosses gona b reeaaalllly suspicious LOL~) Now, we can all breathe easy and relax after worrying insanely after Takki said that he was going for a haircut. Imho, he just trimmed abit everywhere. The whole style is basically the same. I still love his hair. he didnt change the colour. So that's GREAT! Cos I love his hair colour AND his hairstyle of cos. xDDD

To see Takki's new hairstyle & news article:

Takki's new hair @ 45 degrees side profile

This article bascially says that Takki visited the quake-stricken area in Niigata and passed the monetary donation and cards to buy books for the children. He also shook hands with each boy and girl. How darn lucky they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gyahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Takki's new hair front view

Ok, cldnt resist myself and just HAD to show his new hairstyle here. LOL~~

(Credits of both links and what the article says to Bee (arigatou gozaimasu *bows bows bows*) because I cannot read Japanese or Chinese characters on my office computer. And I have no access to install language packs too *sob sob*)

Dou??? :wink: :wink: Does anyone need anymore doses of tranquillizer pills?? LMAO~~ I think I need boxes and boxes of tissue to clean my nose from all the nosebleeding. LOL~~ LOOK AT HIS SMILE and he's wearing a pink tee-shirt!!!! Kyaahhhhh!!!


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