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Saturday, February 26, 2005

9:09 am

Hey! Say! Dream Boy!

This is what I get for NOT surfing for only ONE night?! I almost jumped out of my chair. And mind u, I am supposed to be working in office now. But of course, I am slacking and surfing around n HOLY SHEET!!! DREAMBOY!!!! Takki's FIRST & ONLY musical which he slogged & toiled for is starting again!!!! When I first saw the title of the musical at nere's and yosho's, my eyes popped out and my heart stopped.

Is this gona be like Shock which Koichi stars in and stages annually?? Just that the name of the musical varies every year, ie. Shock, Millenium Shock, Endless Shock etc? And now Dream Boy has become 'Hey! Say! Dream Boy!' ?????? Okane mata?!

Phew! Ok, it's not Takki starring in this year's version of Dream Boy! My heart just started pumping again. Somehow really relieved about that. Having mixed feelings about this year's Dream Boy. I believe that in every Takki fan's heart, Dream Boy will always be THE Takki's musical. Dream Boy BELONGS to him. It's the same with Shock desho? Shock belongs to Koichi yo. He is the only one who can star in the lead. If anyone else takes over the lead, I think all hell will break loose in the Koichi and KK fans camp. It's kinda sad that Takki is not starring in HIS musical. But, it can't be helped I guess. He's too busy with Yoshitsune this year. But, there is a sense of relief that I do not need to plan another sakusen and my wallet is safe (no matter how thin it already is now). Honestly, thank goodness for Yoshitsune. At least this means that Takki will stay in Japan and be busy shooting the taiga. This gives me more time for my wallet to grow fatter. Harucon dvd and calendar has just burnt a HUGE hole in my pocket. I shall not complain and will be contented with weekly episodes of Yoshitsune. It will be a bonus if T&T releases any more singles or even an album this year. I mean, look at SMAP. They were on a major hiatus last year while Shingo was busy with Shinsengumi.

Hey! Say! Dream Boy!

lead: Kamenashi Kazuya
others: Ueda, Koki, Junno and Maru of KATTUN (Jin is busy with Anego) Yasuda, Ohkura, Maruyama, Subaru, Yoko of Kanjani8 (Hina is busy with dorama, Uchi and Ryo are busy with NewS tour)
where: Umeda Geijutsu Gekijou Main Hall aka Umeda Koma (They only changed the name of the venue. It's actually the same venue where Takki held Dream Boy Osaka in 2004.)
when: April 27 ~ May 15, 2005

I am so so so sure that Takki is gona go n watch it. Wait, just thought of something. Is Kame gona do the BUNGEE too???? OR is Takki gona surprise everyone by doing the BUNGEE on one of the days??? Like a special appearance kana? WHHEEEEEE!!! baka baka loracyn

Although I feel that DB will never feel the same without Takki starring in it, Kame is the next best choice for the lead. Kame-kun, gamfammi yo!!!


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