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Thursday, February 17, 2005

2:00 am

Yoshitsune Epi 6

+ ONE + The Heike people gets increasingly alarmed to see Shanaou often visiting Kyoto instead of becoming a priest in a temple. Shanaou receives news that Tokiwa is ill. However, this is actually a plot by the Heike people to lure Shanaou out of the temple. Utsubo's brother and his sidekick Kisanta are already waiting in the forest to ambush Shanaou. Gotari finds out and rushes to the temple to warn Shanaou. However, Gotari is too late. Shanaou has already left the temple. As Shanaou runs through the path in the forest, he is attacked by Utsubo�� brother and Kisanta. They are trying to capture Shanaou to receive a reward from the Heike people. However, we ALL obviously know that Shanaou will definitely NOT be defeated or captured by them. Shanaou fights them off and does 2 or 3 FLYING somersault turns in the air and lands GENTLY on the ground. WOAH! It was really kirei!! (Yeah yeah..I know it's just wirework. But still, it's not easy to do it with wirework too. There is alot of technique involved too. I know there are fans who think that the previous episode of the bridge scene and all the wirework look fake. Demo, to me, it all looks good ne~ Am I bias?? Eto, of course me myself dont think so. ) Then, Gotari and a group of monks from the temple arrives to try to help Shanaou. With the enemies already wounded from Shanaou's attacks, the arrival of Gotari and the monks manage to scare the enemies off. However, Kisanta was found too injured to move and was lying in the bushes. Gotari wanted to kill him but Shanaou decides to let him go. Kisanta is grateful. (I think Kisanta is impressed by Shanaou's kindness and thus becomes 1 of Shanaou's loyal followers in the future. I think this will be shown in Epi 7.) But before Kisanta limps off, he tells Shanaou that the Heike people are trying to hunt him down and kill him. Shanaou is perplexed upon hearing this as he still cannot bring himself to hate Kiyomori.

+ TWO + The Heike people goes to the temple to find Shanaou. But the monks say that Shanaou is not around (I think?) in order to protect Shanaou. Kakunichi Risshi manages to defend Shanaou and stall for time. The Heike people left the temple. Hearing that the Heike people are pressuring Kakunichi Risshi to make Shanaou a priest, Shanaou realizes that as long as he stays at the temple without becoming a priest he would cause difficulty for the people surrounding him. He is troubled and confused.

+ THREE + Kisanta goes to find Utsubo's brother. But only Utsubo was there. Utsubo finds out about the failed ambush attempt. She goes to find her brother. She with Gotari and the ojiisan usually sitting in the wheelchair found him in a broken hut. (But this time, he's not sitting on the wheelchair. Eto, wakannai. But he was using a walking stick though.) The ojiisan and Gotari threathen Utsubo's brother not to try anything again or else they would go after him. (I think so. Eto, this is my own assumption judging from what i saw in the scene.) Utsubo's brother gets frightened. He agrees not to do anything to Shanaou again and leaves. Utsubo's heart softens and worries for her brother. He is her brother after all. She goes to find Shanaou and pleads with him. She kneels down and cries (and ask for forgiveness on behalf of her brother I think). Shanaou reassures her that he would not bear a grudge. (I think!! Gomenasai~~ It's all my assumptions here yo. ) Then Shanaou asks Utsubo something about what is going to happen to her from now on? Cos I think she will be left alone now? She said that she will be all alone. But I think Shanaou says that he will be there as a friend if she needs help? (Gyah.... I am TOTALLY assuming here yo. Please feel free to correct me!! )

+ FOUR + Kichiji (I think) visits Shanaou at the temple and breaks to him the news that he has an elder brother Yorimoto in Izu. He recommends Shanaou to escape from Kyoto and head for Hiraizumi, the city in Oushu where the Fujiwara clan rules. Ok, adult Yorimoto makes his debut in this episode and he meets his prospective wife for the first time also. Yoritomo spends his time leisurely in Izu while still keeping an eye on movements in Kyoto. He receives letters regularly about the going-ons in Kyoto. One day, Yoritomo was riding his horse in the forest when a wild boar came across his path. Following closely behind the wild boar was a group of hunters. Leading the group of hunters was a woman. She is Hojo Masako, daughter of Hojo Tokimasa who has watched/spied Yoritomo by the order of the Heike people. Masako's horse stopped suddenly and caused her to fall off the horse. Masako tries to mount her horse but she had hurt her leg and could not even walk properly. Upon seeing this, Yorimoto offers his thigh as a step so that Masako can mount her horse more easily. Masako tries again. However, she slips and falls again. Fortunately, Yorimoto catches her and prevents another fall. Masako is peeved that Yorimoto saved her. (I think this is because she likes Yorimoto but is in a total dilemma cos she is supposed to watch Yorimoto and not like him? Cos if I am not wrong, Masako will be Yorimoto's wife in time to come.) Yorimoto is bewildered and cannot understand why Masako is angry at him for offering to help. Ok, Yorimoto doesnt really look like the villian in this episode YET. Although I know that he will be the cause of Yoshitsune's ahem....*beep* (too saddening to think about Yoshitsune's end yet. Gyahh...nooo.... The show has just started for a few episodes!!!), I cant bring myself to hate him just yet. Have to watch more episodes and see what happens. Anyway, Masako goes home and quarrel with her father. I think she does not want to follow the Heike people's orders and spy on Yorimoto anymore.

+ FIVE + Being troubled about his future and feeling that he still cannot hate Kiyomori, Shanaou visits Otoku and asks her if she can arrange a meeting with Kiyomori. Shanaou can only picture Kiyomori as his father and remembers his dream to build a capital by the shore very vividly.

+ SIX + This guy visits Tokiwa and brings a gift to her? Tokiwa uses the opportunity to ask about Shanaou.

+ SEVEN + Benkei is shown waiting on the bridge. He is trying to find Shanaou. I think cos he is very impressed by Shanaou. The fight scene replays constantly in his mind. Someone comes along and tell him that the person he is looking for is Shanaou. Benkei looks very happy and relieved that he has at least found out that the person he was looking for is called Shanaou.

+ EIGHT + Shanaou tells Kakunichi Risshi that he has decided to leave the temple (I think). Shanaou is determined to do something as he does not want to continually cause trouble for those around him. Takki really shows off his trademark frown quite alot in this episode. He is really perplexed to everything happening around him. Everytime I see Takki with that troubled expression and trademark frown, aiya aiya!!! My heart breaks man. Can I just hold and cuddle him and pet his head and tell him that everything's gona be alright?

Aiya, honto ni gomenasai~~ This episode is chotto omoshirokunai. Also, there are quite a few parts which i can only catch the gist of the meaning. Dakara, to get a better understanding, please visit Snuffles's blog or Nere's Yoshitsune site. Also, I cant apologise enough for the discrepancies and irrelevancies in the clip for Epi 6. To those who know what I am talking about, ahh..... really really SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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